Thrive and Hypnotherapy Testimonials

Verified Thrive and Hypnotherapy testimonials

Verified Thrive and Hypnotherapy testimonials

I’m thrilled when my Thrive Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy clients choose to give me feedback and want me to share it with other people who I might be able to help. It’s important that you know these are genuine testimonials. The IAEBP has a very tough policy on the use of testimonials. Members displaying the shield (see right) have satisfied the IAEBP Administration that:

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Theresa overcame “failure to Thrive”

Faz, overcame social anxiety, bullying and abusive relationships

Tania helped me through something I had always been fighting against I was always trying to find a way out to make things better but time after again and again nothing seemed to work about my life. My mind-set and how I thought about things was completely holding me back, which I didn’t know before I met Tania. I had previously read several self help books too help change things and had just started seeing a counsellor too but none actually helped me to change and shape my mind-set in the way I needed I felt like giving up and thought I was just abnormal and wouldn’t ever get to live the life that I wanted. I felt completely out of control of the way things were happening in my life. I than came across Tania, who was very welcoming and also completely confident, in her ability to help me and she did. Tania went that extra mile to help me and remained patient and gave me my own time to progress through the thrive program instead of just trying to make me complete a course. She really made me believe in myself. Tania, I really look upto and admire you, she is someone that really genuinely wants and does make a difference in other peoples lives.

Before starting with Tania I had had some experiences, which had made me believe the world was just a cold and mean place but Tania made me realise that that is not true the world is full of amazing people, like herself. She helped me take back control of my life.

Thank you so much Tania for all the amazing support! I would recommend this to anyone who needs to get his or her life unstuck. AMAZING!


James, 46 overcame Confusion, Inconsistent Happiness and Lack of Self Belief with The Thrive Programme

I had a really rewarding experience in each session, enjoyed having my thinking challenged.

I’m more consistently responding positively to experiences rather than critically responding.

The Thrive process has changed my life appreciably for the better. Whilst I would not have described myself as always unhappy, my thinking was not 100% supporting my mental wellbeing, this process has made me aware of how to be a happier, more controlled individual. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to get a better insight into becoming a better person.

Here’s his video:


Lucy, 16, Blushed about a lot of things

I really enjoyed the sessions. I was slightly apprehensive at first but once I got into it & reading I loved the sessions!, I didn’t want them to finish. I enjoyed thinking in different ways. Tania was amazing at teaching you to think differently and also Tania would listen to my rants & then challenge them!

Honestly my life has completely changed – The way I think is positive 95% of the time! I don’t blush at everything and if I do I don’t care. I’m so much happier!! I honestly feel like a big bouncy ball of happiness that wants to smile and laugh 24/7.

I don’t think there’s anything I would add or change – that I can think of. At the end of the day it is down to our thinking and the sessions Tania did with me and my mum I thought were brilliant 😀

I loved it! It has honestly been life changing for me!

Thank you Tania for all your help!!

Here’s Lucy’s video:


Clive, 58, Thrive to help writing, social anxiety and self esteem

I enjoyed the sessions and found them enlightening. I enjoyed the light-hearted informality and open-mindedness Tania brought to the sessions.

I feel more able to analyse negative thinking patterns and live life more positively. I have started big career changes and am going out into the world more.

I was struck by how well the workbook was presented, and how logically laid out. I feel more in control of my life than I was. It’s a great programme!

Tania is an inspiration!


Adam, Thrive to help with stress and prioritising

I met Adam, a very hard working decorator, in my Weekly Business networking event and he had a few sessions of Thrive with me when he was re-evaluating his priorities. He’s currently living in Australia. We’ve kept in touch on social media and he’s agreed I can share this conversation here.

He recently announced “6 weeks today smoke free”. Of course his friends congratulated him on his success, including his good friend Ali in Hanoi who had just become a Hypnotherapist and offered “I’ve probably got some ideas I could share that make being a non-smoker even easier”. Adam said “I also know someone, a friend Who does the same, Tania Clarke, lovely lady I know in Watford who is a great hypnotherapist, I’m sure you would get along or would be good to network anyway and have a chat with her about your work!” Ali agreed and we’re looking forward to a chat over Skype. I was surprised when Adam went on in the conversation to say:

Adam's Thrive Programme book in Australia“It certainly is life changing Ali best decision I ever made. I’m enjoying doing it alone too it’s great! I’m in Darwin atm in northern terrortry Australia.
3 and half years is a long time. Although I’m happy and enjoying life I really really would love to get back to see everyone, often on my thoughts,
Plans change everyday as u must know, but I’d like to at least visit home soon then continue my journey! Spk soon mate”

“Tania great to hear from you, I definitely enjoy hearing your stories and new boat adventures too 😉 Oh and I must say once again thank you very much for kindly not charging for the start of the thrive prgm and book and ule hopefully be happy to hear, and see as I’m put a picture now, that the book is a possession that has followed me around the world, one of about 4 I have. And I held onto it threw thick and thin and believe me I’ve got rid of a lot of stuff especially threw the ups and downs, so thank you 🙂
P.s. The honest truth also is I unfortunately haven’t read much still, but it has been, along with your good kind deed, on my mind for a very long time and good things always come around Tania for good people so I hope to get the opportunity to return the favour when I’m back, and also look forward to seeing you again. 🙂 ”

Once the foundation’s in place, even just dipping into The Thrive Programme now and then is hugely valuable.



Lorraine, 34 Thrive to help Children with Poor Self Confidence

Each session was really relaxed and enjoyable, Tania made sessions lighthearted and funny.

Really not enough words to say how the sessions changed my life. Life is now easy, stress free and positive most of the time. Happy. Thinking straight.

Sorry, I find it hard to find negatives. 🙂 (about the sessions)

I don’t feel so tired now. I have tons more energy. I can now think for myself. Our home is more relaxed & less stressful. I now love myself and praise myself & less hard on myself.

Richie, 47 Thrive to help Children with Poor Self Confidence

Very enjoyable: the realisation that it is easy to be positive about yourself. I couldn’t stop smiling.

I tend to find the positives in things now even if some people thought there weren’t any and it tends to rub off on people, which makes a nice atmosphere.

I have felt like my whole body has had a weight lifted off it and things now that bothered me seem easy to evaluate and control. I now find it easy to like and appreciate myself which in turn makes it easy to appreciate life and things around me.


Charlotte, 27, Relationship Breakdown & Low Self Esteem, Watford

The sessions were really helpful and thought provoking. They helped me to process events and emotions and to view things differently. Sessions were both comforting and challenging at same time.

Now I value myself, my thoughts and opinions and I feel confident in my skills and abilities. Now I can stand up for myself and voice my opinion confidently. Now I am happier and proud of myself on a daily basis.

To add or change the programme I’d ask for:

  1. An easier format to mark the Locus of Control Quiz – I kept getting in a muddle! Haha!
  2. A magic wand so I could stop time and have longer to reflect, to talk to myself & add to my positive list!

Thrive has made an enormously positive difference to my life and I am so grateful to all Tania’s guidance and support. I really liked how we could be flexible in the session and move away from the text to relate it to examples of personal experience. The metaphors, diagrams, and analogies were also really helpful – ‘You’re not going to rock my boat!’ has become a favourite of mine that often helps me through tricky experiences. Tania also gave me a book about the lack of evidence for the success of homeopathy, which really highlighted to me the importance of research and evidence to either support or knock down beliefs. Now I often pause to ask myself ‘is this really true? What evidence is there for this?’ Such a logical strategy keeps me calm and helps me view things objectively. However, it’s the positive list that has enabled my biggest change. Finding anything good to say about myself was a real struggle for me, but now praising myself comes naturally and it’s become so easy to recognise my daily achievements!

The best part of my Thrive experience was Tania though. She made the sessions so much fun and just knowing I could see her again soon to talk things through was a huge comfort. Tanis challenged me when that was what I needed and she never hesitated to hug me or patiently re-explain concepts to me either. I will miss speaking and laughing with her and hearing all about the adventures of her and her boat!


Ruth, 59, West Watford, overcame Depression, Anxiety & Stress (uncontrolled bi-polar disorder)

Each session although hard work at the beginning became very interesting as I learnt to understand how the Thrive course could help with my difficulties. I enjoyed each weekly meeting; it gave me something to focus on.

I have completed changed my thinking. I feel empowered like never before. No more ice cubes for me, just flowers and purple pebbles!

Maybe another time I might have achieved my goals in less time but I realise that I was very unwell and what I really needed was time to understand how to change.

I loved working with Tania, she is a brilliant mentor and we clicked immediately. Her patience was amazing. The reading was hard going. The best part was Tania’s lust for life – it’s infectious!!

“I can’t wait to tell you what I’m doing now and my hopes for the future – which I know I can achieve!

I tell everyone how awesome you are.

Your patience was never ending. You have literally helped me to change my life.”

This is how Ruth was when she first met me.


Harriot, 37, Health Anxiety/Body Dysmorphia

I found the sessions to be excellent. I enjoyed ch 8 – learning about thinking styles and how they apply to my situation.

I found that the sessions were extremely beneficial to my life, they have lowered my social anxiety and raised my self esteem. I now handle situations better & calmer.

I wouldn’t add anything (to the sessions). Met my requirements.

I found Tania to be brilliant. No judgement and talked through the book with me at my own speed. Excellent.


Debi, 52, Rickmansworth, had a Fear of Power, especially financial (Debi did The Thrive Programme in weekly Group sessions)

I did enjoy the group, although I thought I might personally have done 1-2-1s as well

I am much more aware of the thoughts that are limiting me. I’m looking forward to the future which is probably quicker progress.

For me I would have appreciated a bit more time between the sessions. For me 2 weekly would have given me time to read the notes and think about them a bit more. Otherwise, maybe a bit more pulling back on the reins and keeping people on track.

Generally I felt it was exceptionally good, & I appreciated & enjoyed the course. (I guess my need for a bit more time is related to my tendency to overfill my time anyway).


Debbi, Self confessed nutter! (Debbi did The Thrive Programme in weekly Group sessions)

Once I got to know everyone I enjoyed the sessions very much – although I didn’t join in very much. Hearing how other people coped (or didn’t) helped me understand myself more.

I’m more aware of what I do now, and why I think and react the way I do. I try to think things through and focus more on the positives. I sometimes talk to myself too – LOL!

To improve sessions I’d change: Nothing really – it was great! But I particularly enjoyed(?) the one-to-one session – although it was hard to accept some things.

I’ve spent all my life trying to deal with the difficulties I’ve experienced. It’s made a huge difference just realising I have the power to control most of what happens to me! Thank you x


Joan, 73, Croxley, suffered with Anxiety & Panic Attacks (Joan did The Thrive Programme in weekly Group sessions)

I found them very useful and the enthusiasm that was shown and the confidence that this course would work for me was very comforting.

I am now able to confide in family and friends what I am going through. I now have a support system.

I was very happy with the course but I felt the last couple of sessions was a bit rushed as we had run out of time.

It was lovely to be able to confess fears and weaknesses without being judged, the practical sessions were very useful.


Jean, 46, Abbots Langley, was driven by circumstance, Stress, Anxiety, Confusion. She wanted to choose her own direction.


This email came from a lady who called me for an urgent appointment to help her with a Relationship issue

I just wanted to say thank you for meeting with me on Monday. I was feeling really desperate & so badly needed your non-judgemental human contact. It really helped being able to talk stuff through with you. Thank you for being so responsive.

Anyway, thank you again. I love your office & all the posters etc.

I’m trying to remember that I’m braver than I think…

Mary, 83, cured her life long Emetophobia with The Thrive Programme

Christine, 49, Watford, learning to maintain a Healthy Bodyweight easily

I really enjoyed my sessions with Tania & looked forward to them. I liked the way I was challenged but not judged. I just liked chatting about stuff & seeing how life now makes more sense.

I can’t believe the difference these sessions have made to my life. After my first session I felt both emotionally and physically lighter. It is like seeing life through new eyes. I’m losing weight without any diets/guilt for the first time. My life is so much better now. I am so much more relaxed & living life. I don’t “sweat the small stuff” anymore. I feel totally transformed 7 only wish I’d completed Thrive years ago.

Having read Thrive I now want to go back & re-read it immediately.

When I re-did the quizzes, I now don’t recognise the person who did them 5/6 weeks ago. I can’t believe I’m the same person.

(I’d prefer) Longer sessions for me as I like to chat! Can’t think of a 2nd thing (I’d like to change about sessions).

I’m going to miss my sessions with Tania. Am going to recommend Thrive to friends/family. More people should do it!


Robert, 33 Locus of control issues with golf + other performance issues

The sessions were good fun and well structured. The most enjoyable part was seeing that improvements could be made.

I have a better understanding of the thinking styles and how to stop negative thinking to give a more positive outlook.

I liked the direct style when I was trying to make excuses for certain things as it helped me to take responsibility for actions/mistakes.


Stephen, 40, Leavesden, overcoming a Fear of Flying

Stephen sent me this email after his first session, when I asked for permission he said “yes you can certainly use my my words on the testimonial page.  I am sure there will be more in 4 or 5 weeks time.” 🙂

Hi Tania,

just a quick email to say how much I enjoyed my 2 hours with you earlier today. Even after the first hour I was beginning to feel a bit optimistic and thinking how I might be able to make some changes.

For the second hour, it was one of the most unique experiences of my life. I’ve never felt so good for as long as I remember and though I don’t remember everything, do remember lots of it and the nice-feelings of it all. So hypnosis was better than I imagined.

I decided to get the bus home instead of risking the pavement and despite the bus being chaotic with some very loud families with agitated parents, I may as well have been flying home on a cloud as it didn’t even register with me.

Thanks so much Tania. I hope you get your heating sorted out on your boat tonight.



Vanessa, 21, Abbots Langley, talks about Overcoming Depression

Vanessa was talking about a conversation she had with her sister. (I missed the start of her sentence.) She took just 6 weeks to take back control of her life and overcome the depression she’d suffered for years. She learnt to think differently and create happy emotions and a healthier body.


L, 45, Watford, wanted to get rid of Insomnia

I found my sessions very helpful & enjoyable. It was great to ‘see the light’ with problems I had been experiencing for years. The sessions really helped me to be kinder to myself.

I am much calmer and not nearly as stressed as I used to be. One of the biggest improvements is that I worry so much less about things than I used to.

There is nothing I would change about the sessions, I really enjoyed sitting here & talking to Tania. Sometimes what we talked about was difficult but that was all part of the learning process.

The 6 week course has been great for me & my family. My kids have definitely benefitted from having a calmer Mummy!


Lucy, 29, St Albans, had Low Self Esteem & Relationship Problems

I looked forward to every session every week. It was always like a countdown to the next one. I enjoyed talking and as soon as I said I couldn’t do something I loved when Tania challenged me on it.

I look at everything differently now. I don’t blow small things out of proportion. I am aware and able to stop myself from sliding back into feeling low. I am happier with work, friends and family because of it.

Part of me would just want more sessions!

Tania just changed my life with all the help and tools she gave me. I look at everything with a positive outlook and even though I know it is a continuous journey, I feel I can do it because of Tania.

Lucy came for her final session and said this:


Stacey, 36, Bushey, wanted to stop spending too much time Worrying!

Tania is lovely, she puts you at ease, allowing you to confide whatever is bothering you. Instead of dreading each session, I looked forward to them.

Tania had a positive impact on my life, well she has shown me how to have a positive impact on my own life. I have sent off for my passport and I’m learning to drive.

Tania fitted me in at times that suited me. The office is easy to get to, the surroundings are comfortable. I liked the whole experience.

Although I knew I could make myself feel better, I wasn’t sure how to go about it. I wasn’t totally sure “Thrive” was my cup of tea, but after spending years worrying about things that never happened, I had to try for my family and I.

The book would not have been enough but with Tania’s support and guidance, I’m OK!

I am able to transfer skills to my everyday life for the good.

We’ve at times had a real laugh and I’m glad I gave it a go.


Marieme, 32, Watford, formerly Fear of Flying

Jumping for joy this morning to receive this text from Marieme as she arrived in China. She agreed to let me share it:

“Good morning Tania. It’s Mariame. I hope you are well.Just a text as promised. My flight was brilliant. I seriously enjoyed it. I was just calm that’s it. Thank you so much Darling for helping me and guiding me through this BIG step of my life. I just tolerated it and enjoyed it. Have fun in France. Speak to you soon.”


On her return, Marieme came back for one more session and said this:

Previous flights had been a trauma for Mariame and her fellow passengers. If you know someone who’d like to look forward for foreign trips rather than dreading them, perhaps you could give them my number so I can be jumping for joy when they enjoy their flight too.


Neal, 44, Watford, formerly Depression and issues with Productivity, Procrastinating

I enjoyed learning about the different thinking styles and how changing them can have such a huge impact on self esteem, locus of control & social anxiety.

My attitude to everything has changed, I feel everything is in my control now, everything is my choice. I’ve learnt not to punish myself and to realise my thoughts about other peoples opinions is nothing but my imagination.

I enjoyed the whole course, I have a much better understanding of why I had my problems & now I have the tools to use when I find myself running unhelpful thinking patterns.


Ellie, formerly Pain, Low Self Esteem, and Depression

‘After four unsuccessful back surgeries, I had tried every conventional method of controlling my severe pain including inpatient rehabilitation. My sessions with Tania were more useful than any other treatment I’ve had. Through Tania I learned to recognise the anxiety my pain was causing me, as well as pre-existing and concurrent problems I’ve had with low self esteem, control issues and a 12 year history of depression. I’ve seen at least six other therapists and psychologists but Tania was the most competent and insightful by far. Her treatment allows you to see the root of the problem instead of just trying to control symptoms. She taught me self hypnosis so I can control my pain in any situation and IT REALLY WORKS! I love hypnotising myself and feel more relaxed all the time. My life was previously a painful, lonely and difficult experience. Now I’m learning to enjoy it, and enjoy being ME! I’m not perfect and I’ve still got room for improvement but I can see the way in which I can move forward and happiness is within my reach.

The thing I like best about Tania is that she doesn’t just say what you want to hear. At times, her sessions can be slightly disconcerting as you realise that beliefs you’ve held your whole life are wrong. To self-improve, you have to be open to new ideas – as Einstein said, problems cannot be solved within the same parameters in which they were created. Prepare for a challenge, and to be out of your comfort zone. This is where true personal growth happens.

I went for a run a couple of nights ago. It was the furthest I’ve run in over two years (a mile). Without Tania’s help, I’d never have done it. I believe in myself now and I’m planning to do all the things in my life that I dream about – because the only thing holding you back is yourself!’


Helen, formerly Relationship Problems at home and work

I first visited Tania as my 20 year old son had completed Thrive. During his transition I observed him making very positive changes. We had long conversation about the topics (even though I didn’t “get it”) and I was fascinated and wanted to learn more. For myself I have a history of brooding, feeling anxious/low generally and blame and often felt powerless in relationships, both professionally and personally. I have put myself in counselling twice (once for a very long 2 year period!) and wondered why at the end of it I still felt the same. I now realise it was because simply talking endlessly about issues doesn’t resolve them, only perpetuates them! During counselling I was given no skills to manage my thinking.

Although I enjoyed reading the book and learning, the key to unlocking it all was Tania. A skilled facilitator she helped me to understand the chapters and piece it all together whilst challenging my thinking and perspective. She is warm, empathic and most of all non-judgemental and kind. When I cried (as I frequently did over the silliest things, she just reassured me and gave me a tissue!)

As a result of the programme I am now able to understand my thinking, why I do certain things and how I operate. Even understanding all of that is a weight off my shoulders, however even more powerful is the knowledge that “I” can change these things. “I” have the skills to do so. I recognise thinking styles and external locus of control in others too which helps in my work and in personal situations (I work with families). I recognise social anxiety and I challenge myself whereas prior to the programme I would have simply brooded, got more anxious and felt more powerless and helpless. I now know when my thinking style is unhelpful and I change it …. I am much kinder to myself too. Another positive is that I now understand how my son operates and we have been able to help each other Thrive….we have some stonking conversations now!

If you are reading this I would say you have nothing to lose by doing the programme but SO much to gain. Don’t hesitate.

Tania is a bright, clever, kind, considerate, energetic and above all a genuine person who really wants things to be better for her clients. Thank you so much Tania. I have already recommended Thrive to people and will continue to do so. Keep up the positive impact.


Michael, Kings Langley, talks about overcoming Depression and Self Doubt

This is a belated thank you for all the work that you undertook with me when I came to see you. I felt that I was fine and that it was just my lot to have periods of depression and self doubt. I mean who was I to be of any help or use to people especially when I was so useless overall.

Well it did not take you long to have me looking at the world with a different viewpoint and beginning to believe in myself. I will not pretend that it was that simple and that I changed overnight but you, through the Thrive Programme along with your friendly challenging and support, really made a difference and helped me see the world and myself in a different light, one full of hope and beauty rather than the bleak outlook that I used to have.

Throughout the course you helped me learn the tools that I could use to support myself and to remind me of the better me that lurked inside trying to emerge into the light through, at times, a painful but rewarding personal change process.

I still use these tools at times when things look bleak and I slip from the path but I am a changed and happier person which is a relief to not only me but also to my long suffering wife, Karin. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help, support and friendship and if I can ever be of assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

With my grateful thanks and love


Jenny, formerly anxiety and depression

Thank you, formerly, for taking me through the Thrive programme. Thank you for efficiently booking the appointments, being prompt with the appointments, supplying water, tissues and your expertise.

However, I would also like to thank you and commend you for doing far more than that. You have often supported me and encouraged me through some miserable times, especially a couple of years ago, just after I had had two back operations in quick succession and was still in a lot of physical and emotional pain.

You always let me know that you were there to help, in your professional capacity, but didn’t put pressure on me to do the Thrive programme formally. I’m glad that you encouraged me to, at least buy and read the workbook, a while ago.

When I decided that I needed help to do the programme thoroughly, I appreciated your support and experience all the more because you didn’t say, “ I told you so.”

In fact, you said that it was your privilege to be helping me!

You certainly have helped. As you know from my occasional grumpy texts that you patiently reply to, I’m still not brilliant at recording my achievements and “vivifying” them, and I still have a lot of that “perfectionist” stuff going on, but I’m learning a better way. Very importantly, I’m beginning to show my children a better way.

I’d recommend a chat with Tania, if you ever find yourself telling yourself off………and I bet you all do, sometimes!


James, 36, Croxley, formerly fear of giving blood (still with a sense of humour!)

Hi Tania,

I just wanted to let you know how the giving blood session went.

I walked into the hospital with my partner and when I was about to give blood, I passed out!

In doing so I head butted the nurse who was also knocked unconscious, so we were later found lying like a couple of kippers on the floor!

Just joking ! It was absolutely fine, I went to my relaxed place and it was over before I knew it, I feel silly now to being worried about it!

Anyway i’m very happy now, so thank you again for your help and support.


Chrissie, 39, formerly not able to cope with grief and feeling very low

When I first met Tania I was in a very bad place, I was feeling very low, lost and confused after my 6th miscarriage. I felt under so much pressure from people around me to have moved on and to forget about it. My conflict arose from trying to conform and not feeling strong enough to do so. I felt I could not allow myself to grieve as I thought it would be too painful.

Now it still hurts but with Tania’s help I have learnt how to cope with the cards I have been dealt. I know now that if I want to remember and sometimes cry, I know how to pick myself up after, smile and continue. This is so precious to me as I don’t want to forget, but now I am strong enough to protect myself.

Learning that I, me, just me is responsible for how I feel is liberating and no one else can make me feel anything. Its important not to think that life is perfect but with the right tools even the toughest challenge is possible. Thank you Tania for your patience and understanding, there was a lot to unravel but you helped me more than you can imagine!


Ben, 36, formerly stress & self confidence

I found the work we did in the sessions very useful and challenging. The Thrive program is one I would recommend to every one. It helped me to take control of my thinking and of my life. The sessions complimented the work book and helped to resolve issues that working alone would not have been resolved. Tania is very good at making the sessions challenging and productive and at the same time being supportive and making them confidence building.

I am able to deal with the situations that life presents to me without getting as stressed and knowing that I am capable enough to deal with them. They have boosted my self confidence and made me aware of my thinking a lot more. I am able to deal with myself better if I do become stressed.

Tania recommended the thrive program for me. I have had counselling in the past but find the direct approach of this program very useful. Tania is warm and friendly and made me feel comfortable and secure whist doing the work. She was able to discuss the work and challenge me when needed. This wasn’t always what I wanted to hear but always needed saying. I am very glad to have had the opportunity to work with Tania and improve my life with her help.


N, Abbots Langley, 20, formerly drink & drug abuse

I found the sessions empowering and engaging from the start. I enjoyed it all and it captured my interest in hypnosis and mind programming. What I enjoyed most was the honesty of Thrive. there was no magic wand it was simple and real. Specific topics I loved were Coue’s Law and Mind your Language.

I can now process information in a way that is healthy and benefits myself as the way I process information is a choice. I now understand how self worth is created and how I can create it. I can manage my emotions and thinking as I understand my true self, why I do things.

I loved it all. Tania is brilliant, give her a pay rise! You got a place in my heart. Thanks for empowering me to explore myself.


Cheryl, 36, formerly confidence & social anxiety issues

I found the sessions very helpful, being able to ask questions and clarify any points in the book I was unsure about. It was very useful to get an objective viewpoint – particularly on the personality type exercise.

The Thrive book and accompanying sessions have been a huge help in enabling me to think much more positively about myself and life in general. I now feel much calmer and in control in situations I would have previously felt anxious about – i.e. flying, giving presentations. My nail biting habit, which I had for well over 20 years, has virtually disappeared.

Tania was very good at putting me at ease, meaning I felt comfortable to talk about what was on my mind and ask questions. Items provided (chevreul’s pendulum + cube vs pebble) helped me understand key points more easily.


Colette, Watford, formerly unhelpful relationship cycles and lack of success at work

I cannot thank Tania enough for the difference she has brought to my life through the Thrive program. I had been going round in circles in my life, making the same mistakes, not feeling like I was in control. Through the program I have learned some amazing techniques and skills which I am using to create the life I want to live. Tania has been so positive and supportive every step of the way, always doing it with great humour and helping me to see where i can make the changes that will matter to me personally. These are life-changing skills.

Update from Colette, formerly a smoker

Things have been pretty good since I finished my sessions, and I wanted to let you know that at the end of the summer, on the last day of my holiday in Ibiza, I became a non-smoker :)) Just said to myself, that’s it I don’t want to smoke anymore and haven’t. So was pretty easy, and now haven’t smoked for a month! Well done me, :).


Gill, Hemel Hempstead, used to have problems balancing family demands and business success

Family life was a little out of kilter and I couldn’t find a personal path to re-gain a healthy balance. I went to see Tania and after a few sessions of concentrating on just “me” the results were totally uplifting and boosted my self esteem. Tania listened and offered advice and ideas with a really caring attitude. The hypnotherapy was amazing. I would come out of our sessions completely rested, relaxed and smiling from ear to ear. She is a true professional in her area of expertise. She also went out of her way to structure our sessions to give me a taste of various ideas and strategies and how to concentrate on my inner strengths. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tania to anyone.

Here’s a video of Gill explaining what Thrive and Hypnotherapy sessions with me are like:


Laura & Scott, Watford, used to have irrational fears & emetophobia

I’m so proud of all my clients. They make amazing changes in their lives after a few short weeks.

Having overcome her irrational fears, worries and control issues with me, Laura recommended me to her colleague Scott who had Emetophobia. It’s a bit like a tree, branching out, referral spreads and I end up, over years seeing more and more people linked back to Laura’s initial call. And I hear updates of relationships blossoming, marriage, buying homes, new exciting jobs.

If you know anyone who’d like to be “Walking on Sunshine”, please ask them to contact me (07717 410 910) or other Thrive Consultants.

HM, Watford, used to have fears, phobias and anxiety

I met Tania at a business network meeting and was very intrigued with her presentation about ‘thriving’, both in your personal life and in business. She advised that she was a trained hypnotherapist and she used this as a tool for helping her clients.

It took some time for me to book my initial meeting with her, but once I had met Tania for a one to one I was completely convinced that I should try out her treatment.

Over the years I have found that I was becoming more anxious about certain things in life. I was afraid of heights and uncomfortable in crowds, I was claustrophobic and I was mindful on the tube, getting off planes and around deep water. I even had panic attacks. Often I dismissed this as normal, but some things such as not being able to drive on fast moving roads, including motorways was causing a bit of a nuisance.

The hypnotherapy sessions were initially very relaxing with Tania speaking in a clam and seductive voice over the headset. I sank into a calmed and relaxed state with little effort. The journey was enjoyable, fun and sometimes sad. I did question for a week or so whether this ‘relaxation’ could achieve to rid me of my anxiety…but it has.

I could not believe when I attended my last session and I knew that I had broken through the ‘problem’ that was holding me back. Immediately I was clear that I could do things, and could drive on motorways without feeling anxious about it.

I would not have believed that it could have such a dramatic effect if I had not tried it myself. I haven’t felt any anxiety at all since my sessions.

Thank you Tania for your help…a touch of magic is how I think of it! I would and have recommended Tania’s services to my family, friends and colleagues.


Laura, used to have irrational fears, worries and control issues, Radlett

For many years I was very sceptical about having any kind of therapy. I thought it was for a certain type of person or that I would feel uncomfortable talking to a stranger about such personal thoughts and feelings. As soon as I met Tania I felt instantly at ease and she explained all the options for me in a way that I understood.

After some discussion, we decided that Pure Hypno analysis would be best for me. The sessions were great as you are completely in control and really relaxed. Being able to talk about things in a guilt free, judgement free zone was just so refreshing and really allowed me to get to the root of my concerns.

Since completing the course, I still feel like me, only I am in control of my emotions, happier and so much more relaxed. It was worth every penny and I can’t praise Tania enough! Thank you Tania!!


Jenny, Relaxation, Leavesden

Speaking as one who is absolutely no good at sitting down and relaxing in private, let alone in front of a therapist, I arrived at Tania’s feeling a little apprehensive. However, all I had to do was sit in a comfy swivel chair, put my feet up on the stool and close my eyes…….not too difficult or embarrassing for anyone!

Tania put some headphones on both of us. Through mine, I could here very quiet music and Tania’s voice.

I simply followed Tania’s simple instructions to relax my muscles and imagine the scene she described. It was easy to relax because I was fully supported by the chair, and not lying down so I didn’t think I’d snore!

In fact, my muscles seemed to be listening to Tania’s instructions and when she mentioned my shoulders……my shoulders responded by twitching and relaxing. The knots between my shoulder blades melted away.

When I opened my eyes, and thought about how I felt, I realised that I felt remarkably calm and relaxed. I mean much more relaxed than I’ve felt for months!

Now, 24 hours later, I still feel the benefit of yesterday’s session. Not only more relaxed, but with more understanding of how to relax and how much good it can do me.

So, off you all go to Tania to have a relaxation session………you’ll be glad you did.


Testimonial hypnotherapy public speaking, phobia, fear, Hemel Hempstead

Testimonial hypnotherapy public speaking, phobia, fear, Hemel Hempstead

Malcolm – used to have a Fear of Public Speaking, Hemel Hempstead

Just a line to thank you for your hypnosis session which enabled me to overcome my worries about public speaking.

In addition to this, it also made me feel more confident in other aspects of my life and gave me a more positive outlook on things.

It was a pleasant experience in calm surroundings administered by a very caring person.

I would recommend that anyone with a hang up or phobia about anything contact you as I’m sure you would be able to calm their fears.

Even if you are not suffering with a hang up I think it would benefit everybody to have a hypnosis session every so often just to clear their minds to help them deal with every day life. 


Professor David Haslam

Having worked with Tania Clarke over several years in the Healthcare Commission and Care Quality Commission I have been extremely impressed by the quality of her work, her sensitivity and her commitment to improving people’s lives. I wish her every success in her hypnotherapy practice.
Professor David Haslam, CBE

David a GP in Cambridgeshire since 1976 is a visiting professor of primary healthcare at De Montfort University; member of the Council at the Royal College of GPs since 1987, chairman from 2001 to 2004 and President 2006 to 2009. David’s list of accomplishments goes on.

We worked together from 2005 at the Healthcare Commission, the Care Quality Commission, the Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board (PMETB) and the General Medical Council (GMC).


Dee – used to Panic in Intimate Situations, Edgeware

I knew that I was doing something wrong. I just couldn’t quite figure out what it was.

Everyone gets into bad thinking habits & these need challenging occasionally. The difference with Tania is that she does it with such humour & humanity that I could instantly relate to her & what she was saying. I quite literally laughed my way through some of the sessions! & I really needed that perspective. & I believe that you learn more when you are enjoying yourself.

Now i’m much more aware of my limiting thinking styles & can therefore do something about them. & I also have the book to dip into if I ever start slipping into bad habits again, so it’s like having help whenever you need it.


Nick – used to suffer with Chronic Fatigue, London

A wonderful session and just what I needed.
Sometimes it’s necessary to just press the ‘Reset Button’ and that’s what I did today.
The way you reflected back to me what I was doing allowed me to see the error of my ways.
I need (as I’m sure everyone does) a bit of challenge occasionally to remind me of a few areas where I’m holding myself back.
And why hold yourself back when you don’t need to? Life’s much better moving forward and with a big smile on your face.
Great stuff.


Laura – used to have a Fear of Flying, Bushey

Hi Tania!

Thought I should let you know that I went on holiday recently and was nothing less than calm on the plane. Lovely flight, had a sandwich and everything.

What a revelation!


Cathy – used to suffer with Depression, Redbourn

I came to see Tania after battling with depression for several years. It had crept up on me so gradually that I had no idea how it had happened or what to do about it. Although it took a while to chip away at all my negative thinking patterns, the eureka moments began to happen and with Tania’s fantastic ability to empathise yet remain objective, I began to feel that the real me was coming back into focus. I had ups and downs but Tania was always there when it mattered to cheer me on. I really feel that going through the Thrive programme changed the course of my life. I am renouned as a sceptic and rarely trust anyone yet I found confiding in Tania very easy and was astonished at the changes which we achieved together. I cannot recommend her highly enough on so many levels. The skills I learned with which to cope with life are a daily inspiration to me and I know that they have had a positive knock-on effect on the people around me. Thank you so much Tania, from me and my family.


Jasper – used to have Health Anxiety, Ickenham

I have suffered from persistent anxiety attacks and unsubstantiated health concerns for over twenty years. These concerns have sometimes been so overwhelming that they have completely ruled my life and affected every single decision I make – where I go, who I see, what job I should do, etc etc.

As you might be able to imagine, everyday living has sometimes been exhausting, scary and very dissatisfying. Opportunities have been missed, jobs lost and I have watched those around me living ‘normal’ lives whilst I have battled on with the simplest day to day tasks.

When I first met Tania Clarke, I recognised someone that genuinely cared for the well being of others, uniquely combined with many years of experience in professional therapy and life skill training.

Hypno-analysis has been a wonderful experience for me and with Tania’s guidance and expertise, the process has enabled me to recognise what has been wrong with many of my thought patterns. This has given me the confidence and understanding to really challenge how I have been living over the past 20 years and to see a realistic way of transforming my life experience.

Many of my long standing friends have commented on the significant change in my outlook, my confidence and my overall sense of wellbeing since I began hypno-analysis.

I believe that with Tania’s help, I have been given the opportunity and the tools I need to really ‘thrive’ and live the life I want.

I cannot thank her enough.


Chris – used to suffer with Depression, Reading

I was feeling down but could not really understand what was keeping me that way as I consider myself a positive, bubbly and caring person. I visited Tania and explained that I had thought and thought about my low mood but could not understand why I wasn’t cheery like when I was at University having fun and being ‘me.’

Tania helped me to understand how I was creating and reinforcing my own low mood which was negatively affecting my self-esteem.

I was so amazed to discover that I can directly influence my own self-esteem and brooding and pondering my low mood was only making me feel worse. I can now understand my own thinking (including social anxiety and external locus of control) and feel so much more positive about life and don’t feel that I will ever go back to that sorry state I was creating for myself. I had studied self-esteem before but Thrive gives you the power to influence your own self-esteem and understand yourself so much more clearly. They do say that life begins at 40!


Rosalind – used to have problems with Work Relationships, Weight Loss, Low Confidence, Watford

When I read the title of the course – Changing Limiting Beliefs – it struck such a chord with me that I knew I had to do it. It epitomised what had gone wrong in my life and what my fundamental problem was. Tania led me skilfully through the programme, helping me understand how my thoughts influenced my actions which impacted on my experiences, and to see what I needed to do to change the limiting beliefs about myself. Now I feel that I’m in control of my life and the decisions I need to take. I’m interested to see that the course is now called ‘Thrive’, and I feel that is exactly what I am now doing – thriving and flourishing!

The start

My initial aim was to get help with losing weight – I wanted to lose about 2 stone. However, after exploring various issues at the introductory meeting I really wanted to address my chronic low self-esteem and lack of confidence, which I felt were hampering me at work and in my personal life. I had recently undergone a very unpleasant period at work where I felt bullied. I also had a specific issue in my personal life of wanting to overcome my fear of driving.

The journey

I found the approach of reading the chapters, reflecting on what it meant for me in my life and being able to discuss it with you was an excellent way to learn. Once I understood the basic principles involved in Changing Limiting Beliefs I was able to see how they could be applied in all aspects of my life. Maybe it could be useful to explore some specific topics looking at behaviour at work or in relationships. I found your attitude and approach immensely helpful and it was fantastic to have your challenges and feedback on the things I said, which helped me understand what I had been doing and how I could change. The only concern I have is that I was aware that on most of our sessions we went well over an hour, but I felt it needed a long time to go through two chapters, to understand the concepts, to reflect on my way of life to date and to consider how I was going to change it in future. There’s so much to think about, and I’m not sure an hour for two chapters is enough. However, I recognise that it would be too much to have 12 sessions, so I’m not sure how to resolve this conundrum. Of course it is quite likely that I talked too much!! But I think the reason I got so much out of it was being able to do that and to explore the issues in depth.


I have got a new job which I am enjoying very much. I am applying the principles I learned in CLB/T and am having constructive and open relationships with my new colleagues. My confidence is blossoming and my self-esteem has sky-rocketed! I have lost weight without even dieting. And I have taken up driving – have had some lessons, discovered that I really enjoy driving and am planning to buy my first car!


Pushpa – used to have Problems with Relationships, Bullying, Bushey

Words don’t sum up what you have done for me.

It is difficult to believe that changing your thinking style can change your life. In my first few sessions with Tania the penny hadn’t dropped, but through her patience and perseverance, I slowly managed to steer away from my old ways. Set backs do happen, events in the past do stay to nag you, the future has may uncertainties, but looking at them for a different perspective and responding to them is the key that you have mastered your learning.


I wanted to say thank you for all that you have done for me. You have gone over and above your call of duty to make sure I was alright in the sea of storm. Now that the sea is calm, it is easy to reflect how I actually swam through the tides with your support. You have been great and a true inspiration. You resonate the inner Olympic in us celebrating courage, friendship, respect, inspiration determination and excellence. Thank you for being there and thank you for being YOU.


Victoria – used to suffer with Anxiety, Harefield

I had worked through the Thrive book quite a lot but found that I had slipped back into some very unhelpful thinking styles, creating a lot of negativity and anxiety, and couldn’t seem to give myself the perspective that I needed to. I saw Tania for a session and she very gently helped me see why I did this and gain some perspective. Her approach is one which gently guides you to find the conclusions you need to and make the change for you. Seeing a Thrive consultant for me was eye opening. Sometimes, due to confirmation bias, we cannot see certain patterns in our thinking that are unhelpful. Tania has an ability to listen and yet push you to think for yourself in a very relaxed environment. I recommend her skills to anyone who has any limiting beliefs and wants to bring their Thrive book to life.


Laura – used to have problems with Job, Career Opportunities, Bushey

I’d gone to the Job Centre for a routine sign on, and was feeling low in confidence and self esteem, stuck in a cycle of job rejections and a seeming inability to change my situation. I felt out of control and a victim of society.

My advisor told me that the Job Centre had recently been visited by a psychotherapist, trained in helping people to achieve goals and make changes in their lives. I immediately made an appointment and had a consultation with Tania the following day.


I worked through the Thrive book with Tania, which taught me to break down my thinking styles in order to make changes. I was able to recognise my negative thoughts and low self-esteem, and take control of my life.

I started to see things more positively, and realised that I had always been able to change my life, I just hadn’t been able to see it for myself. Thrive enabled me to look at myself from the view of an outsider, where I could recognise my achievements and gain some perspective.


Already I have changed my outlook on life and am able to see myself as others see me: confident, talented and interesting, with the skills to have a successful and fulfilling life on my own terms.

By the end of my work with Tania I had secured a permanent job and am now confident that I can achieve my goals with an open mind, continuing to build my self-esteem and take control of my life.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Tania and would recommend her and the Thrive programme to anyone. The service I received has been excellent and I have no doubt that Tania can help anyone seeking change in their life.


Ted – used to have Claustrophobia, Sleep Problems, Watford

Ted had been claustrophobic for 50 years and had difficulty sleeping since childhood. He had to go for an MRI scan and knew from experience it would be difficult for him. After just one session he called me the next morning and said,

“I can honestly say that’s the best nights sleep I can remember ever having. I did exactly what you taught me to do and I was out like a light. And I didn’t wake up ‘till 6 o’clock this morning. What you did was amazing, I can’t thank you enough.”

After his MRI scan later that day, he called me again and said,

“Tania, I’m just coming away from that MRI and I wanted to thank you. I just can’t believe what you’ve done for me. It all worked like clockwork. That was a piece of cake!”

About a month later he gave me the following feedback,

“I wanted to let you know how things are since my hypnotherapy session with you. Honestly, I still can’t believe the change that one session had. You understood exactly what I needed and I now feel so much more in control. I understand what I can do to change the way I feel in stressful situations and I know it works ‘cos I’ve done it repeatedly. Above everything else, I’m still sleeping really well. I can’t recommend you highly enough. I’m happy to give you a testimonial for your website because I trust you absolutely. That was 110% success. I can’t believe what you’ve done for me.”


Sophie – used to have problems with Self Esteem, Confidence, London

30th November 2011
I have read a number of “self help” books over the years to improve my self esteem and confidence and to stop me quitting and not achieving my goals. Changing Limiting Beliefs is very different in its approach and helps you understand your own personality and thinking style before helping you change your thinking in a positive and empowering way.
I was fortunate to have a therapist – Tania that I had sessions with after every couple of chapters. She helped me immensely as she challenges your thoughts and adds a different perspective. She is professional, enthusiastic and empathetic putting you at ease effortlessly. I find it difficult talking about myself and she encouraged and coaxed me so I could not stop talking much to my own surprise.
I now feel much more confident and relaxed with higher self esteem and the determination to set goals and achieve them. The best thing is knowing I have the choice and the power to change if I want to ……………..
My friends on the golf course were calling me “Super Soph” the other day as I was so relaxed and my golf so good – itis definitely working for me.


 Sophie – used to have problems with decision making, London

What did you want to change when you came to me?
I wanted to be more confident and be able to make decisions more easily and stop worrying. I also wanted to be able to achieve my goals and not quit on them.

What did you learn?
I learnt not to be so hard on myself and to praise myself and realise that I am achieving and had previously been moving the goal posts. I learnt that I had an external locus of control, social anxiety and a low self esteem which I have learnt to address. I can now see many of the personality types and thinking styles in others. It was good to learn about thinking styles and I found it enlightening to find out we can change our thinking style if we want to.

How could you have learnt better/more easily?
You need time to really digest the book and do the exercises so making time to do it is important and I needed more time. The book is well written and keeps your interest making you believe you can change if you put some effort into it. You certainly helped my learning and I really looked forward to reading the next chapter and doing the exercises after a training session with you. I felt very positive and believed I could change my life for the better after each session. I think your approach was at the correct level – encouraging and challenging when necessary.
Reading Changing Limiting Beliefs and then discussing it with you helped enormously as sometimes you can miss important bits when doing it on your own or you do not realise they are significant to you until someone challenges it. It makes you think harder and deeper than if you just read it yourself.

What have you already achieved?
I am more confident that I can reach my goals if I want to but equally I recognise that I can be comfortable with parts of my life and do not have to change if I am happy with it. I learnt that I had an external locus of control and how to change this. I found some of the techniques very useful such as the DREAM technique and coue’s law. I implement Coue’s Law by visualisation but still need to work at this. I am now able to analyse my thoughts and make choices. I notice my inner voice much more and make it a positive one rather than negative one. I am more relaxed on the golf course and not so hard on myself when I hit a bad shot. I am more assertive at work and less influenced by others.

What are your current goals?
My current goals are:- Improve my sewing. To have a different job by the end of 2012 – that I enjoy and involves helping people. Earn more money. To get my golf handicap to 10 by the end of October 2012. Lose 10lbs in weight and get fitter by doing more exercise – 3 x a week. To lose 7lbs by May 2012 for my holiday and to be able to wear a swimsuit without any embarrassment. To focus on what I have learnt from Changing Limiting beliefs and use the techniques daily so they become second nature. To be confident and happy and notice and enjoy the simple things in life. Make decisions easily.

How confident are you that you will achieve your goals/changes?
I feel reasonably confident that I will reach my goals but know that I have to put a lot of time and effort into attaining them, more than I currently am. I also feel more relaxed about changing my goals if I want to, or if they are not bright enough and I no longer want to attain them ….. my choice!

What feedback would you give to Rob Kelly? (Author and head of IAPH, my governing body)
The book by Rob Kelly is well written and keeps your interest making you believe you can change if you put some effort into it.

Overall, how satisfied are you with the service you’ve received?

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