Why see a Thrive Consultant?

Just buying the book is great! Magnificent! And you’ll get a lot out of it.

You may miss the bits that you need the most if you read it by yourself.

One of the things you’ll learn on the Thrive Programme is the power of confirmation bias.
Confirmation bias is the name for a process that our brains use to find patterns, to make things fit together, make connections between new information and our underlying thoughts and beliefs.

Confirmation bias means that sometimes we don’t see the thing that’s staring us in the face. Because it’s always been there – we don’t notice it any-more.

Going through the book with me gives you:

  • a sounding board – someone to check things out with.
  • a different perspective – it is much more effective than doing it alone because very gently, I help you to see the thing that’s staring us in the face.
  • reinforcement – I’ll help you to make sure you make the changes needed to achieve the life you want.
  • clarity –  I’ll also help you make sure you don’t learn this then tuck it away in a drawer.

In management speak they talk of ‘programmed decisions’ and ‘non programmed decisions’. Programmed decisions are routine; “this happens, that’s what I do in response”.
Non programmed decisions are made in unexpected situations. When the unexpected happens, the brain looks for similarities between this event and others that you’ve experienced before. It then adapts the programmed response for the closest situation.

The problem is, 2+2 doesn’t always =4. Sometimes you need another person to hold up the mirror for you and help you to see other alternatives, help you to make different connections.

If you notice that a colleague or friend reacts differently in that situation, and you’d like to react differently yourself but can’t see how (let’s face it, that’s likely if you’re reading this) … then a Thrive consultant will help you recognise your confirmation bias  so you can learn how to make different connections.

The Thrive techniques will help you to behave the way you want to behave. The Thrive consultant will help you recognise the things you’re just not seeing at the moment. The Thrive consultant will, quickly and efficiently, help you make the changes that will enable you to achieve your goals. Don’t achieve half of what you’re capable of … let me open your eyes to the things you just haven’t been seeing clearly – the parts of your personality that are hidden from you by confirmation bias.

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