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The Thrive Programme logo with Tania Clarke in Watford and Skype

The Thrive Programme with Tania Clarke in Watford and Skype

Are you just looking for that edge? That next development or improvement?

Chris was looking for some new insight too … he came on my Thrive Programme course and here’s his interview with me at the end of the course. we were using new technology Google Glasses and this off the cuff interview was held in the Ocean Bells coffee shop in Watford as they cleared up around us. Making the most of every opportunity!

Are you looking for success? Do you want to change thoughts like;

  • “I’m fed up of everything”
  • “Why can’t I be more confident?!”
  • “Get a grip!”
  • “Oh, I couldn’t do that. I just simply couldn’t!”
  • “I know I can’t afford it but I have to have it.”
  • “I really have difficulty in interviews. I just can’t sell myself.”
  • “As soon as someone says it’s a test, I go to pieces!”
  • “It won’t hurt – just one more … I’ll finish the packet and then I can throw it away.”

The problem is, you keep doing something and achieve nothing, or, you keep procrastinating. Something is getting in the way of your success.  Chances are, you’re feeling as if you’ve tried and failed repeatedly. You’re tired, frustrated and you’ve run out of ideas.

If you find thoughts like this popping into your mind, give me a call to arrange a free initial consultation: 07717 410 910.

It has to change!

Neal, 44, Watford, formerly depression and issues with productivity, procrastinating

I enjoyed learning about the different thinking styles and how changing them can have such a huge impact on self esteem, locus of control & social anxiety.

My attitude to everything has changed, I feel everything is in my control now, everything is my choice. I’ve learnt not to punish myself and to realise my thoughts about other peoples opinions is nothing but my imagination.

I enjoyed the whole course, I have a much better understanding of why I had my problems & now I have the tools to use when I find myself running unhelpful thinking patterns.

I will help you to understand the things which get in the way of your success. Together, we’ll get rid of them with the Thrive Programme

Everyone is completely unique. Even identical twins standing side by side see things from a different perspective. This programme allows us to work together to understand ‘YOU’.

1.            I work with you to figure out and help you understand the cause of your problem quickly and easily.

2.            Once you understand how the problem is maintained, you learn some skills to overcome it and make sure you can succeed in future.

3.            I help you to create a plan of action that you know you can complete to ensure you achieve what you want.

4.            Because you now understand ‘YOU’, you can apply what you’ve learnt to other situations. The only limit is your imagination

Whatever the problem, whatever you’re trying to overcome or achieve, the way you approach it is key to making it happen. You’ve heard it said “Whether you believe you can, or you can’t; you’re right”. Other programmes may show you proof that this is true. I will help you to understand WHY it’s true.

Laura – used to have problems with Job, Career Opportunities, Bushey

I’d gone to the Job Centre for a routine sign on, and was feeling low in confidence and self esteem, stuck in a cycle of job rejections and a seeming inability to change my situation. I felt out of control and a victim of society.

My advisor told me that the Job Centre had recently been visited by a psychotherapist, trained in helping people to achieve goals and make changes in their lives. I immediately made an appointment and had a consultation with Tania the following day.

I worked through the Thrive book with Tania, which taught me to break down my thinking styles in order to make changes. I was able to recognise my negative thoughts and low self-esteem, and take control of my life.

I started to see things more positively, and realised that I had always been able to change my life, I just hadn’t been able to see it for myself. Thrive enabled me to look at myself from the view of an outsider, where I could recognise my achievements and gain some perspective.

Already I have changed my outlook on life and am able to see myself as others see me: confident, talented and interesting, with the skills to have a successful and fulfilling life on my own terms.

By the end of my work with Tania I had secured a permanent job and am now confident that I can achieve my goals with an open mind, continuing to build my self-esteem and take control of my life.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Tania and would recommend her and the Thrive programme to anyone. The service I received has been excellent and I have no doubt that Tania can help anyone seeking change in their life.

This training programme builds success – your success.

Licensed Consultant

What will I do?

We all get caught up in our own internal thought processes. And often, we don’t realise we’re doing it. This limits what we achieve. If you believe “I just can’t”, then you won’t. If you don’t recognise you’re doing it, you can’t change it. Achieving your goal may just need that extra push or that extra little idea, a new way to look at the problem.

I challenge those limitations with you so that you open up your mind and create your success.

The course is based on a fantastic book written by a colleague of mine, Rob Kelly. fantastic? Look at the testimonials on Amazon. You could just read the book yourself, make the commitment, do the exercises and that will probably produce results for you, but we have trainers and coaches for a reason.

Doing this course with me will accelerate your learning, make sure you get the most out of the book. I’ll provide alternative exercises and insights. I’ll tailor the learning specifically for you. You will make and sustain real changes.


This is all about YOU taking control of your life and making the changes that YOU want to.

This one to one training course will help you to:

  • be successful in work, sports, relationships or any other aspect of life
  • be happier and more positive
  • achieve your goals in weight loss, smoking
  • take control of injuries, pain and illnesses
  • understand and overcome your fears, phobias and behavioural habits

Here’s a more political overview of one person’s experience of my group sessions.

I’m so proud of all my clients. They make amazing changes in their lives after a few short weeks.

Laura & Scott, Watford, used to have irrational fears & emetophobia

Having overcome her irrational fears, worries and control issues with me, Laura recommended me to her colleague Scott who had Emetophobia. When Scott told me they’d created this video I was thrilled. They’ve agreed that I can share it with you too …

Watch their video by clicking here:

Watford Thrive clients overcome irrational fears and emetophobia

If you know anyone who’d like to be “Walking on Sunshine”, please ask them to contact me (07717 410 910) or Thrive Consultants.

30th November 2011

I have read a number of “self help” books over the years to improve my self esteem and confidence and to stop me quitting and not achieving my goals. Thrive/Changing Limiting Beliefs is very different in its approach and helps you understand your own personality and thinking style before helping you change your thinking in a positive and empowering way.

I was fortunate to have a therapist – Tania that I had sessions with after every couple of chapters. She helped me immensely as she challenges your thoughts and adds a different perspective. She is professional, enthusiastic and empathetic putting you at ease effortlessly. I find it difficult talking about myself and she encouraged and coaxed me so I could not stop talking much to my own surprise.

I now feel much more confident and relaxed with higher self esteem and the determination to set goals and achieve them. The best thing is knowing I have the choice and the power to change if I want to ……………..

My friends on the golf course were calling me “Super Soph” the other day as I was so relaxed and my golf so good – it is definitely working for me.



In a very informal one to one session we’ll review what you’ve read, what you’ve discovered about yourself and about others.

There are always sections in a book that we don’t quite ‘get’. Often they’re the bits we think were easy – we immediately thought, “yeah, I know about that, I did that before … “. You may be able to give examples to prove to yourself that you do get it … or you might think “of course I’ve got examples of that … yeah – I do know that”.

Thrive Programme Watford

But, having understood the idea, do you change your behaviour?

You may be glossing over a subject because it’s a blind spot or because you have understood it but had difficulty maintaining change. I’m trained to help you recognise blind spots, give you alternative ways of looking at those sections or different exercises so that you really ‘get it’.

Research says that we learn from a combination of experience, face to face training, book reading and reflecting. I’m trained to help you learn in the best way for you. Together, we’ll get the most out of this training for you.

Contact me to arrange a free and informal chat, and let’s discuss how this training will benefit you and others around you.

I recently helped a client through this training and she said

“Even having read that part of the book, I just hadn’t looked at it that way, your insight is amazing. You’re absolutely right: that’s exactly what I do and I never realised it before.”

Here’s a video testimonial from a lady at the Vitality Show in Earls Court in March 2013. She came to the up to the Thrive stand and gave a glowing testimonial to a colleague of mine (Gary Foster in Bedford)- Gary asked if she’d be happy to give us a quick video commentary of her experience and she agreed. Well done to Lin Brown and her Thrive Consultant Jane Giles.

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