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“Times are tough”, “money is tight”, “I can’t afford the time or the cash”, “I should spend that on the family”…

If these are the thoughts going through your head now, then be reassured. I’ve tried loads of other therapies, training and coaching programmes. I only provide the ones that really:

  • work effectively and quickly
  • are evidence based
  • are natural
  • put you in control
  • help you to understand why it happened in the first place so that you can choose what you want to happen in the future.

I absolutely believe this is the best investment you could ever make. I’ll help you to identify opportunities so that:

“Times are tough” becomes “I’m enjoying the best time of my life”
“Money is tight” becomes “I’m very comfortable with my finances”
“I can’t afford the time or the cash” becomes “Seeing Tania for the Thrive Programme was a real turning point for me. I’m so glad I made that investment.”
“I should spend that on the family” becomes “I use what I learned with Tania on the Thrive Programme every day to help my family to achieve happy, healthy, successful lives”

I know that most people these days are watching where every penny goes. Working with me is great value for money. Pure hypnoanalysis is the only therapyI know that leads to a permanent cure in about 8 to 12 sessions. The Thrive Programme is the only training and development programme I know that will put you in control of how you think from now onwards in about 6 sessions. Want to be a non smoker? Just an hour and a half of your time and a tiny fraction of the amount you spend on smoking (or patches, gum etc) is all it takes.

My fees are explained in full on this website and at our initial consultation. If you’re ever in any doubt, just ask. Our first chat is always free and I’ll always discuss costs then. If you agree, we’ll book an appointment or you can think about it – no obligation.

Thanks for visiting my website.

Now take that step towards turning your life around and call 07717 410 910 or email to arrange a free initial consultation.

Now that’s money well spent!

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Tania Clarke, DHyp, MIAPH










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