Solutions achieved with hypnoanalysis or Thrive

I treat and help people with solutions for a range of conditions, symptoms and problems as a professional full time hypnotherapist and THRIVE programme consultant at my Watford, Berkhamstead and Bushey Hypnotherapy Clinics.

Everything's attached to the head so solutions are influenced by the brain

Everything’s attached to the head so solutions are influenced by the brain

All of these very different conditions or problems* have one thing in common: they are felt or experienced by a human being. All human experience is stored, referenced, perceived in the brain. Because I understand how we think, I can help create solutions for this wide range of conditions or problems using psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, coaching or training.

The Thrive programme helps you to understand your thinking habits so that you can find a way or make a way to create your own solutions.

If you want help with something that’s not in the list, give me a call and we’ll discuss whether hypnotherapy or THRIVE can help you.

* NB: See pages on pain management and medical referrals for my policy concerning serious medical conditions.

What you can achieve with me
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Solve children’s problems Having problems with anger, anxiety, bedwetting, unwanted behaviour, confidence, eating, depression, fears and phobias, weight, guilt, shyness etc. The amazing Blowaway technique is a brilliant way for children to take control of their anxiety and unhelpful habits. Clinical suggestion therapy is an option for immediate relief. Better solutions are often achieved by adapting the Thrive programme to the young person’s age. Coupled with parental or school guidance and support this can be a great solution.
Achieve sporting success Choking at key points in the game, match, event. Hitting the wall and not being able to go any further in your chosen sport. How about I teach you what you’re doing in your head, that shoots you in the foot (or the arm, or the back!) Solutions: suggestion therapy can be helpful and so can Thrive training … an incredibly powerful way to get your subconscious on your side!
Find the right job / enjoy your job Feeling like you’ve failed; been made redundant; you’re useless; too old or too young. Failing to present yourself in the best possible light on applications and at interviews? It can be really difficult to move on from this sort of rejection but I’ll help you find solutions to break through those barriers, build your own success strategy and find a job you love.
Maintain your perfect weight Dieting, overeating, under-eating, fussy eating, binging, starving. Addicted to exercise or can’t seem to move off the sofa? I have 4 great options for you: Hypno-Band, Suggestion therapy, Thrive training or Hypnoanalysis. Need to slim into that outfit for the wedding? Fed up of losing all the weight then putting it back on? This is a psychological problem as well as a physical one. I’ll not be there to stop you eating that next biscuit or indulging your addiction but help you get rid of the craving in the first place and maintain a healthy body weight easily. Problem solved!
Find or build a successful relationship Having relationship problems; guilt; not getting over a break up; inhibitions; aggression; bullying? We are social creatures and our connections with others can cause us real problems or stress. Learn to understand, overcome or dissolve the psychological barriers that cause and maintain these unhelpful relationship patterns. Suggestion therapy is fab for some problems. Both Hypnoanalysis and Thrive are great solutions to permanently deal with this type of problem.
Find or build a successful business Failing to achieve great customer care; coping with a team in difficulty; wasting time and money; running processes and activity that is of no value to you or your customer; public speaking problems; not sure how to take your business forward; just starting out and looking for some confidence … then Thrive’s a great programme for you. Give yourself the time & space to figure out what you really want, what your solutions are.
Be a non smoker Stop smoking … quit smoking today. In just 90 minutes you could become a non smoker … sound good? Look at my dedicated smoking page: Quit Smoking Watford
Be free from fears and phobias, panic attacks Being ruled by phobias and fears incl: social phobia / social anxiety; emetophobia (fear of being sick); fear of flying, spiders, snakes, heights, motorways etc. There’s no need to stay like that. With a range of solutions available, we can personalise a plan just for you.
Be confident in any situation Having low confidence and low self esteem. This is so common and affects so many parts of our lives that it’s impossible to list all the problems people have here. I have some easy solutions though so arrange an initial consultation and I can help you find confidence.
Enjoy the love life you want Suffering with shy bladder; viginismus; having sexual problems; erectile dysfunction (ED); premature ejeculation; lack of desire; Including help for those affected by sexual abuse. Making love or just having adult fun is a natural part of human behaviour. If you would like to be able to enjoy this more or more often, then I can help.
Be happy and relaxed in any situation Having panic attacks and anxiety; depression / low moods; obsessions and compulsions; dreading that speech or presentation you have to give? Would you like to just relax and “go with the flow” more often? Then give me a call.
Sleep well Having insomnia; broken sleep; waking up tired; taking too long to get to sleep. Really common problems with surprisingly rare solutions. I’ll help you kick the sleeping pills forever with a completely natural and empowering plan for you.
Be healthy Suffering from IBS; depression; ME; chronic pain; Drinking too much; addicted to something … then learn how to be healthy. Everyone’s solutions will be different … start to find your own just when you’re ready by calling me to book a free initial consultation.
Solutions to all sorts of problems with different forms of Hypnosis and Thrive Cognitive training

Solutions to all sorts of problems

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