Quick Fix Therapy for Immediate Change

For immediate solutions I provide clinical hypnotherapy

  • Suggestion therapy is great at building success in sports or competitive environments.
  • Suggestion therapy would help with pain control – particularly for childbirth or for unrelenting pain.

It can be very effective and it is particularly useful when short-term benefits are needed. So it is ideal for: someone suffering from nerves before an event, driving test, exam, interview or public speaking. It would help you overcome sleeping problems, a fear or phobia, perhaps if you have a fear of flying but need to take an important and urgent flight.

During suggestion therapy you will be relaxed into a lovely, calm light hypnotic state (you will be wide awake and fully in control – just nice and relaxed). I will give you carefully worded visual and verbal suggestions that will change your behaviour and feelings once you are out of hypnosis: ‘post- hypnotic suggestions’.

The suggestions I give will depend on the symptom you want to change. ALL suggestions will be designed with your personality and needs in mind. My suggestion therapy takes the whole person into account – it’s holistic. The suggestions will be completely positive, and worded very carefully in order to get the very best results.

Ted had been claustrophobic for 50 years and had difficulty sleeping since childhood. He had to go for an MRI scan and knew from experience it would be very difficult for him. After just one session he called me the next morning and said,

“I can honestly say that’s the best nights sleep I can remember ever having. I did exactly what you taught me to do and I was out like a light. And I didn’t wake up ‘till 6 o’clock this morning. What you did was amazing, I can’t thank you enough.”

After his MRI scan later that day, he called me again and said,

“Tania, I’m just coming away from that MRI and I wanted to thank you. I just can’t believe what you’ve done for me. It all worked like clockwork. That was a piece of cake!”

About a month later he gave me the following feedback,

“I wanted to let you know how things are since my hypnotherapy session with you. Honestly, I still can’t believe the change that one session had. You understood exactly what I needed and I now feel so much more in control. I understand what I can do to change the way I feel in stressful situations and I know it works ‘cos I’ve done it repeatedly. Above everything else, I’m still sleeping really well. I can’t recommend you highly enough. I’m happy to give you a testimonial because I trust you absolutely. That was 110% success. I can’t believe what you’ve done for me.”

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