Permanent Hypnotherapy Change

Even in maths there’s the notion of cause & effect.

There, it’s the poetic “butterfly effect” … the tiny flapping of a butterfly’s wings might create a chain of tiny events that may alter the path, delay, accelerate or even prevent the occurrence of a tornado somewhere.

The same is true in psychology, some small change or event can have a profound effect on your life. With the Thrive Programme and Cognitive Processing and Integration, unlike the tornado which can’t be stopped, even years down the line, we can stop that event affecting your life.

During Cognitive Processing and Integration, I’ll help you to relax and then ask you to say whatever comes into your head. All sorts of visions, thoughts and ideas will pop into your head and you’ll just tell me what they are.

Each of these ‘cameos’ links back somehow to that change or event that had such a profound effect on your life. That change or event may be something of a surprise. Once we bring it into consciousness, you can learn from it and let it go, I’ll help you, and once released, you’ll be free to live exactly the life you want to live. Not only that but you’ll be able to choose which opportunities to grasp and which just aren’t right for you. You’ll also have the courage and determination to make a great success of each opportunity chosen.

Cognitive Processing and Integration requires between one and six sessions. Give me acall or drop me a line to arrange a free and informal chat,and let’s see if this therapy would be right for you.
You want a better life and you’re ready to step forward and live it. You might be suffering from long term illness. You might be susceptible to bullying. You might find it difficult to stick at things and see them through to the end. You might have an obsessive or a compulsive disorder, compulsive eating or a tendency to comfort eating, anorexia, bulimia, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, post viral fatigue, phobias, fears or anxieties.

For many of us, our condition, limitation or illness is the main focus of our life and our everyday activity is centred around managing the effects it has on us. For example, our condition may be so limiting or so much a part of our everyday life that we need to plan each day to work around it. If it is likely to be something that you would experience, I would suggest that we cover some subjects from the Thrive Programme before we do Cognitive Processing and Integration. This will give you a degree of control over your thoughts and help us to get over some of the psychological barriers your mind will put in the way of a permanent cure.

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