Stop Smoking

I’m Tania Clarke, and I Can Help You To Stop Smoking, the Easy Way

Stop Smoking easily with Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Belief Training

Stop Smoking easily with Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Belief Training

Helping You To Quit.

Helping You To Feel Positive About Kicking The Habit.

Helping You To Be the Happy, Confident Non Smoker You Want To Be!

Lots of people really enjoy smoking, but they know it’s bad for them,
it’s expensive, it makes everything smell awful,

But somehow, they don’t seem to be able to kick the habit.
Quitting smoking is the plan they make every year,
and never fulfil.

Stop Smoking the easy way in Hertfordshire

Tania Clarke Hypnotherapist Stop Smoking specialist Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behaviour change


I’m Tania Clarke, and I’m a qualified and experienced Hypnotherapist, Trainer
and Personal Coach. And one of my areas of specialism
is helping people like this (- people like YOU – ) to stop smoking.

And all it takes is one, 90-minute session.
Admittedly, it doesn’t work for everyone,
but I’m very proud that my proven methods have
a 92.5% success rate, so if you’re ready to quit smoking, I really
believe that together, we have the best possible chance of succeeding.

(Click here if you want to learn more about the methods).

And when we succeed, you’ll be a non-smoker.

With no withdrawal symptoms, no cravings, and no side-effects.

Stop Smoking in Watford with Hypnosis and Cognitive Behaviour change

Stop Smoking in Watford with Hypnosis and Cognitive Behaviour change

Because you won’t want to smoke. You’ll understand that it’s
a habit that you can just leave behind.

“Tania, thank you so much. I haven’t touched a cigarette in three months, and I don’t even want to. I wish I’d met you years ago! And with money I’ve saved, I’ve booked a weekend away with my husband. I can’t wait!”

Judy F, Bushey

If you want to stop smoking, make that call today, in total confidence,
for a chat or to arrange a free consultation.

When you’re ready to move forward,
we’ll arrange a session at my comfortable consulting room
in Watford where together, we WILL succeed.

Tania Clarke

Oops! I got a bit carried away in the video … this programme to help you stop smoking easily has a 92.5% success rate. (Not 94 as stated in the video!)

Research says that hypnosis alone is about 30% effective. If you’re on an NHS stop smoking programme because you have a heart condition (huge health motivation to quit), the success rate increases to about 40%. With this programme, if you want to stop smoking easily, Watford, Bushey or Berkhamstead, you will.

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