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Helping young people overcome fears and barriers to live a fantastic life for themselves.

These days life is jam packed and challenging for many of us. This can create children’s problems too. Sometimes, our young people need a little tlc to help them do things they want to do. Children and young people have problems with trauma, abuse, anger, anxiety, bedwetting, behaviour, confidence, eating, depression, fears and phobias, weight, guilt, shyness etc.

I offer a range of solutions specially tailored to suit the age and symptoms of any young person.

We might choose:

  • Blowaway, Hypnotherapy for children session to help them release emotional barriers or
  • a more cognitive approach helping parents/guardians and the young person to understand how to create a better outcome for themselves, build self esteem and confidence.
  • I also offer Thrive for teenagers, a shortened version of the Thrive course we use with adults.

Thriving children

When we see a thriving child we see confidence, smiles and fun. This often goes hand in hand with achievements socially, creatively, academically or practically.

Your brain learns more quickly when you’re young than at any other time. You probably learned to feed yourself, walk and speak before you even went to school. A lot of what we pick up when we’re young, we learn as we’re having fun, playing. Play is a really easy way to learn new stuff. Sometimes we learn some really unhelpful things though. Maybe we learn how to do bedwetting, or we learn how to do fear or how to be shy.

“Learn how to do fear”, I bet you’re thinking “did she really say that?” Yep, I did. If you can do something, then somehow you learned how. You didn’t notice you were learning. Sometimes, we all learn unhelpful reactions and behaviours. These might result in withdrawal, anxiety, anger, school problems or slower development. And that’s GREAT news, because if you can learn how, then you can learn how to stop doing unhelpful things too.

Children and young people have powerful and imaginative minds. So they respond really positively and quickly when we help them to see things differently.

Thriving parents

One of the things I do most often is help parents teach their children how to Thrive. The brain is the most powerful and influential part of our bodies and many of us never learnt how to use it well at school. In fact we picked up most of what we do through trial and error. Well surprise surprise we then find it tough teaching our children the best way to use their brains too.

Often I’ll spend about 6 hourly sessions helping parents to see how they can help their children learn great ways to achieve what they want. We do one session per week, backed up by parents learning and reflection at home. We also work together to create a specific plan focused on each child’s needs to introduce some of the ideas to the child. The parents can then encourage use of the new habits at home.

Thriving teenagers

Every person’s different but we share some common developmental stages and behaviours. Teenage years can be a tricky time for parents and teenagers! So I run a specific Thrive for teenagers plan to help teenagers get the most out of these years. To help reinforce new behaviours we sometimes involve parents in the learning too.

There’s no need to live with children’s problems. Easily and quickly overcome them.

I have a full enhanced CRB certificate and I’ll always ask an appropriate responsible adult (preferably both parents) to be in the room throughout our consultations.

Quickly and easily we can help a child or young person to leave behind their fears and have a good day every day.

Contact Tania for Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and the most popular, The Thrive Programme psychological training.

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