Manage Pain

Pain is a message from part of your body that something is wrong.

Strangely, the part of the body that hurts, is not always where the problem lies.

Referred pain is caused in one part of the body but felt somewhere else. Sciatica is a common example of this.

Sometimes the problem is in your head but the pain is somewhere completely different.

If you have had investigations to find an originating cause of pain, and no cause has been found, then I can help you manage, or even completely stop the pain.

If you, and your doctor, know exactly why you’re suffering the pain and are working to a medical solution, or a medical solution cannot be found, then I can help you manage it.

For treatment of pain I may well ask for a note from your doctor to confirm that you are either:

  • undergoing investigations into the physical source and potential cure for your pain or
  • still in pain following investigations which have found no physical cause or
  • going to be in pain long term following a particular diagnosis.

If your doctor is looking for a physical source, you can’t tell him/her how it feels, if I’ve taught you to minimise or stop the pain!

If you’d like pain relief, get in touch and come along for a free initial consultation. Depending on what’s the best option for you, I may ask you for a standard letter of referral from your GP.

Ellie, formerly pain, low self esteem, and depression

‘After four unsuccessful back surgeries, I had tried every conventional method of controlling my severe pain including inpatient rehabilitation. My sessions with Tania were more useful than any other treatment I’ve had. Through Tania I learned to recognise the anxiety my pain was causing me, as well as pre-existing and concurrent problems I’ve had with low self esteem, control issues and a 12 year history of depression. I’ve seen at least six other therapists and psychologists but Tania was the most competent and insightful by far. Her treatment allows you to see the root of the problem instead of just trying to control symptoms. She taught me self hypnosis so I can control my pain in any situation and IT REALLY WORKS! I love hypnotising myself and feel more relaxed all the time. My life was previously a painful, lonely and difficult experience. Now I’m learning to enjoy it, and enjoy being ME! I’m not perfect and I’ve still got room for improvement but I can see the way in which I can move forward and happiness is within my reach.

The thing I like best about Tania is that she doesn’t just say what you want to hear. At times, her sessions can be slightly disconcerting as you realise that beliefs you’ve held your whole life are wrong. To self-improve, you have to be open to new ideas – as Einstein said, problems cannot be solved within the same parameters in which they were created. Prepare for a challenge, and to be out of your comfort zone. This is where true personal growth happens.

I went for a run a couple of nights ago. It was the furthest I’ve run in over two years (a mile). Without Tania’s help, I’d never have done it. I believe in myself now and I’m planning to do all the things in my life that I dream about – because the only thing holding you back is yourself!’

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