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Improve your career job opportunities. See me in Watford or Hertfordshire or chat over Skype wherever you’re comfortable!

Do you want some help meeting the challenges of finding new career job opportunities?

Meeting those challenges means stepping out of your comfort zone and gaining the confidence to go the extra mile and find those career job opportunities. Hypnotherapy and Thrive Programme training can help you to do this quickly and easily.

Or maybe you have a dead end job and want to achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of?

Gain the confidence to look for career job opportunities and enhance your skill set. Get out of the dead end job and achieve success with the Thrive Programme training.

Perhaps you’re having difficulty climbing the corporate ladder, getting through a glass ceiling?

Break through the glass ceiling and create new career job opportunities by gaining new perspective and insight on life above the glass ceiling. Talk in a safe and confidential environment. Give yourself the chance to Thrive and find your new comfort zone.

Today, many people are looking for career job opportunities in Watford and all over the world;

  • Feeling like you’ve failed; you’re useless; too old or too young?
  • Stuck in a rut; need help finding new career job opportunities and not sure which way to go or needing confidence to take that next step?
  • Failing to present yourself in the best possible light on applications and at interviews?
  • Been made redundant and feeling like you’ve been kicked?
  • Being bullied at work?

The Thrive Programme is perfect to help you overcome these challenges. In a few short weeks you’ll learn what’s holding you back and all the tools and techniques to enable you to achieve the success you’re looking for. We’ll build your confidence on a firm foundation so that you never need to feel like this again.

As long as you have an internet connection and a device with a camera, we’re always here to talk to you to make your dream career job opportunities come to life. Skype is easy and simple to download, taking a few minutes and even easier to use.

Financial support for Thrive training

I am helping people get back to work or overcome other personal difficulties by providing Thrive Programme training to some people free of charge. If you are unemployed and signing on at Watford Job Centre Plus, then please ask your Job Centre Plus Advisor to call me and arrange your initial consultation. The Advisors’ reference number for this opportunity is WTF/33768.

Laura – used to have problems with Job, Career Opportunities, Bushey

By the end of my work with Tania I had secured a permanent job and am now confident that I can achieve my goals with an open mind, continuing to build my self-esteem and take control of my life.

Contact Tania for Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and the most popular, The Thrive Programme psychological training.

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Free initial consultation

I know that you may have questions. I'll be happy to answer those questions for you.
Call or email to arrange a free initial consultation.
Our informal face to face chat is an opportunity to tell me a little more about you and what you want to achieve. It generally lasts about 45 minutes. This gives us a chance to meet each other and agree how we will work together.
There is no obligation and no fee.

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If I'm with a client, leave a confidential message on my answerphone or drop me an email.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.