Enjoy life!

Enjoy Life by overcomming depression low confidence and low self esteemI can’t keep up with it!

The pace of modern life is a constant reminder of how much we try to achieve. Sometimes it all gets too much and we just can’t keep up the pace leading to:

  • Home life problems
  • Low self-esteem
  • Depression

Home life problems

People often feel more stressed or frustrated as the tasks seem to build and multiply. Or maybe there’s just one big thing dominating all your time leaving everything else neglected. There just aren’t enough hours in the day! The home life or home work balance gets distorted. We might have sleep problems and anger issues or we might feel ill.

As a result we get short tempered and those we love most, get the flak.

Maybe we stop talking honestly with people and don’t hear what they’re saying, but make assumptions about them, feeling that “They just don’t understand”. Our relationships at home and at work suffer. Our perspectives change and suddenly things seem unacceptable. Sometimes that means we end up moving home, changing jobs or leaving partners. It can be very sad.

Unfortunately that just makes us feel even more powerless so we feel “I just can’t cope”.

I help people to get a more helpful perspective and regain control of their life.

L, 45, Watford, stressed with insomnia

I found my sessions very helpful & enjoyable. It was great to ‘see the light’ with problems I had been experiencing for years. The sessions really helped me to be kinder to myself.

I am much calmer and not nearly as stressed as I used to be. One of the biggest improvements is that I worry so much less about things than I used to.

There is nothing I would change about the sessions, I really enjoyed sitting here & talking to Tania. Sometimes what we talked about was difficult but that was all part of the learning process.

The 6 week course has been great for me & my family. My kids have definitely benefitted from having a calmer Mummy!

Low Self Esteem

Feeling bad about yourself, feeling that you just can’t do what you want to do, you don’t have the skills or the abilities? This is a reality for many people and you know what … it isn’t helpful to focus on those feelings.

Unfortunately, people who feel this way often believe there’s nothing they or anyone else can do about it. I help people to realise that their belief is not a true reflection of the situation they’re in. I help people to realise that there is something they can to to get out of this vicious cycle … I help them to stop feeling like that. … actually the truth is they hold the key to their great confidence, improved life, high self esteem. I just help them to see the evidence that they’re currently missing.

Lucy, 29, St Albans, had low self esteem & relationship problems

I looked forward to every session every week. It was always like a countdown to the next one. I enjoyed talking and as soon as I said I couldn’t do something I loved when Tania challenged me on it.

I look at everything differently now. I don’t blow small things out of proportion. I am aware and able to stop myself from sliding back into feeling low. I am happier with work, friends and family because of it.

Part of me would just want more sessions!

Tania just changed my life with all the help and tools she gave me. I look at everything with a positive outlook and even though I know it is a continuous journey, I feel I can do it because of Tania.

Lucy came for her final session and said this:


People suffer from crippling depression for years. Some end up not able to work or do the things they want to do. Others suffer in silence hiding their pain behind a mask of coping mechanisms that feel false in the turmoil of their own head. Then there’s those who rely on drugs with unfortunate side effects to maintain a balance.

I succumbed to depression just before the 9-11 world trade centre tragedy. I remember watching that all unfold on TV as I sat there depressed. I remember thinking to myself …

“Goodness T, your life’s better than that, surely you can get up and sort yourself out now!”

Only, I couldn’t. On that occasion I ran away from it all and moved to another part of the country, started a new life for myself and got on with it. I took myself with me though, and subsequently suffered depression again. I had no idea why and when the depression hit again there was nothing I could do about it.

These days, like my clients, I understand how that happened. With Cognitive Processing and Integration I’ve got a better perspective on my past and my emotions. I’ve learnt, through the Thrive Programme how to prevent that ever affecting me again.

“That’s a good feeling!”

Vanessa, 21, Abbots Langley, talks about overcoming depression

Vanessa was talking about a conversation she had with her sister. (I missed the start of her sentence.) She took just 6 weeks to take back control of her life and overcome the depression she’d suffered for years. She learnt to think differently and create happy emotions and a healthier body.

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