Building successful relationships

Overcome relationship problems, dissatisfaction, bullying, anger, fear, phobia, with hypnotherapy or Thrive cognitive training

Dee – formerly Panic in Intimate Situations

I knew that I was doing something wrong. I just couldn’t quite figure out what it was.

Everyone gets into bad thinking habits & these need challenging occasionally. The difference with Tania is that she does it with such humour & humanity that I could instantly relate to her & what she was saying. I quite literally laughed my way through some of the sessions! & I really needed that perspective. & I believe that you learn more when you are enjoying yourself.


Formal relationships or informal relationships
Personal relationships or business relationships

As soon as we get more than one person present, there are a number of points of view. And each of the people present will feel differently about the situation they’re in.

Some people feel anxious just thinking about meeting with others. What will they think?
What will they ask you to do?
Will you be able to keep them happy?
Will they be able to keep you happy?

Others have been let down so many times before; it’s almost not worth hoping for anything different this time.

Sometimes that creates tension which builds to cause real problems between people.
This can result in:

  • Shyness,
  • Blushing,
  • Fear of intimacy
  • Assault
  • Violence
  • Bullying
  • Disagreements and misunderstandings
  • Failure to achieve what you want
  • All sorts of other relationship problems

Overcome anxiety about relationships at work or at home, public speaking or social situations, pre wedding nerves or stress.

In these situations, as with any other situation, I use a customised approach to suit your specific needs. We’ll understand the relationship, the situation between all those involved, what each really wants to achieve and what draws the people together as well as what pulls them apart.

I run one to one or group sessions as required.

Colette, Watford, formerly unhelpful relationship cycles and lack of success at work

I cannot thank Tania enough for the difference she has brought to my life through the Thrive program. I had been going round in circles in my life, making the same mistakes, not feeling like I was in control. Through the program I have learned some amazing techniques and skills which I am using to create the life I want to live. Tania has been so positive and supportive every step of the way, always doing it with great humour and helping me to see where i can make the changes that will matter to me personally. These are life-changing skills.

Update from Colette, formerly a smoker

Things have been pretty good since I finished my sessions, and I wanted to let you know that at the end of the summer, on the last day of my holiday in Ibiza, I became a non-smoker :) ) Just said to myself, that’s it I don’t want to smoke anymore and haven’t. So was pretty easy, and now haven’t smoked for a month! Well done me, :) .

In my corporate life one of my greatest achievements was bringing together a group of national health and social care regulators at a time of huge competition and conflict between them. I motivated the people to overcome the conflict and found a theme to unite them all. In the end, we put on a huge conference together with Chief execs and Chairs all sharing the stage. They’re now all part of a strong and healthy partnership that I helped bring together.

More recently, I worked with Jenny who, in her mid 50s had never had a boyfriend. She daren’t hope for anything more and was afraid that even if she tried it would all end in failure. Her lack of confidence had also affected her work life and she’d felt powerless to do anything about it. By the end of her Thrive Programme training she was building a whole new life for herself and looking forward to possibilities she’d not dreamed of before.

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