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Sporting barriers are there to be broken

From the 4 minute mile to the perfect hole in one, achieving new heights of success means breaking through barriers in both body and mind. Just like others before you, you can achieve sporting success in Watford, once you’ve learnt how. Helping you to recognise the things you do in your head that shoot you in the foot, means you can stop doing those things and start doing something more effective instead! That’s what the Thrive programme does. Systematically and predictably, you’ll learn how to use your mind to get the best from any situation. Available in Watford and over Skype.

Hours, weeks and years of physical training and practice sometimes make very little difference in performance though. In that case, it’s worth thinking about whether the barriers holding you back are in your mind.


In 2012, sporting success was high on the national agenda. For me, it was quite exciting.

Sport plays quite a big part in my life these days. As a child I did everything I could to avoid PE and games classes at school. As a result, to the end of my 30’s “I couldn’t run for a bus!” In 2012 I finished the Olympic Park 5 mile race and the Bupa London 10000 run. I’ve done the London to Brighton bike ride and half marathon walks.

So I’m used to breaking through sporting barriers myself as well as helping others to break through them.

Do you find yourself:

  • Choking at key points in the game, match, event
  • Hitting the wall and not being able to go any further in your chosen sport

Then get in touch. We will find and overcome your barrier.

Robert, 33 Locus of control issues with golf + other performance issues

The sessions were good fun and well structured. The most enjoyable part was seeing that improvements could be made.

I have a better understanding of the thinking styles and how to stop negative thinking to give a more positive outlook.

I liked the direct style when I was trying to make excuses for certain things as it helped me to take responsibility for actions/mistakes.

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