Fees for Thrive Programme Training, Hypnotherapy and Coaching

How much does Hypnotherapy, Training and Coaching cost?

Your initial consultation is free. That’s your chance to meet me, ask any questions you want to ask and discuss the options available so you can make an informed choice.

After that all payments in cash or cheque or bank transfer

  • The Thrive Programme is a package of 6 training sessions. Please set allow up to an hour and a half for each session. The sessions are supported by the training workbook and any other training materials needed. Often we’ll have a follow up session about 6 weeks later. Total package £800.
  • Most other sessions cost £90 per hour (£45 per half hour). I’ll ask for a deposit to secure future sessions.
  • Stop Smoking in one 80-90 minute session for £255. Cash only, payable on the day.
  • Stop Smoking in up to three sessions £395. Cash only, payable on the first session.
  • Hypnotherapy gift £50 per session. Cash or cheque payable on delivery of the gift certificate.


Is this good value?

It’s important that we take the time to help ourselves so that we’re in the best shape to make the most of our lives and those of our families and friends. It might be useful to think about coming to see me, like putting on an oxygen mask on an airplane. Air stewards giving the safety talk mention the emergency exits and life jackets and they say

“in the unlikely event that we experience a loss in cabin pressure, oxygen masks will fall from the overhead lockers. Put your own mask on first, before helping children and other people.”

When we are on top form, we can easily deal with any issues that arise, make the most of all other opportunities around us and help others to do the same. I help people learn how to do that in a very short time.

Book your FREE initial consultation today on 07717 410 910. We’ll discuss a programme to help you achieve the changes you want in your life.

I’ve set my prices so that the average person can afford my support for the short time it takes to turn around their life. My prices are very competitive but if you feel you may have difficulty paying, please tell me and we’ll see what we can work out.


What are Therapy, Training and Coaching sessions like?

Most of my venues have free parking but if you need to pay for parking it’s a good idea to be generous on the parking in case we get carried away in conversation. Please mention if you need to rush off and I’ll make sure we stick to time. The following are a guide to the how long sessions last.

Initial consultations take about 45 minutes.

Thrive Programme, training and coaching sessions last from about 50-60 minutes to up to 90 minutes.

Stop smoking sessions, are either three 50 minute sessions or one 90 minute session.

Suggestion Hypnotherapy sessions (include cognitive coaching to support the new new behaviours) are about 80-90 minutes

Cognitive Processing and Integration sessions are about 50 minutes

The Thrive Programme sessions are 60-90 minutes

Transactional Analysis, Inner Child Therapy sessions vary from 1 hour 50 minutes to 3 hours 50 minutes depending on which stage of the programme we’re at.

Quick Change can be carried out over 5 days, 4 hours per day.


What can I expect from a Free Initial Consultation?

About 45 minutes to talk about what you want to achieve and the best way for you to achieve it! It’s your opportunity to make an informed choice about how I can help you. No obligation, feel free to take some time to think about it or book your sessions in at the end of your consultation.

Book your FREE initial consultation today by calling me on 07717 410 910.


Achieve Health, Happiness, Success with Licenced Thrive Consultant Watford

Achieve Health, Happiness, Success with Licenced Thrive Consultant Watford

What is Thrive Programme Cognitive Training?

A highly successful training course. Effective for many issues including stress, depression, anxiety and weight problems, unwanted habits, fears and failure to Thrive!

Usually we have 6 weekly sessions, each lasting 60-90 minutes… with a follow up about 6 weeks later, although it’s different for each client.

Total package £800.





What is Cognitive Processing and Integration?

Sometimes we learn helpful lessons from life, “I like learning new things” or “I like holidays”. Sometimes our experiences can teach us things that hold us back “I can’t stand public speaking” or “I hate confined spaces”. Cognitive processing and integration is a chance for your subconscious mind to lead us to review events or experiences in your life and understand the lessons you learnt from them. Why did you learn that and is it appropriate for your life today? How could you think about that experience to learn something that’s more helpful.

Allow yourself to enjoy the rest of your life. If your learning from a past experience is the root cause of your symptoms, this is the best method to release it!

This often takes 4 to 6 weekly sessions but it may take considerably longer. There are ‘tricks‘ to learn to speed the process along and I’ll help you to do that as we progress.

Fees for Cognitive Processing and Integration £90 per session. Sessions are usually about 50 minutes. Payable weekly in advance.


Can I buy a gift voucher for a Personal Relaxation Gift?

A perfect treat for yourself or a fantastic gift. Lovely voucher in a presentation envelope. Clinical suggestion therapy to help any cares and worries float away. Relax and sleep better.

This takes just 50 minutes and can be repeated as often as you like.

Fees for hypnotherapy relaxation gift £50 per session. Payable in advance.


Do you do suggestion hypnotherapy?

Yes. A clinical suggestion therapy session usually lasts about 80 minutes. I use Applied Positive Hypnotherapy. We spend half the session looking at the conscious part of your thinking then using hypnosis, we make sure the subconscious part is consistent with our discussion. This gives you a personal boost to help you achieve an approaching challenge.

This takes 1 or 2 weekly sessions.

Fees for hypnotherapy £135 per session. Payable in advance.


Can you help me Stop Smoking Easily?

Stop Smoking Easily: Fees for Hypnotherapy and cognitive training: No cravings, no withdrawal symptoms, 92.5% success rate

Stop Smoking Easily: No cravings, no withdrawal symptoms, 92.5% success rate

My 90 minute stop smoking session has a 92.5% success rate. So 92.5% of people stop just after ONE session. This session includes cognitive training and can include hypnotherapy.

This session lasts about 90 minutes.

Fees £255. Cash only, payable on the day.

Ask about my referral programme to discover how to earn £25 for yourself.


What if one session isn’t enough for me to stop smoking?

In that case I do run a Thrive as a non smoker training course. This is three sessions, held weekly. Over each week we build your understanding of the smoking habit and systematically teach you the skills and abilities that you’ll need to become a non smoker. Then it’s easy for you to put in the bit of effort you’ll need, in the right way to become a non smoker easily.

This is up to three sessions, each lasting 50 minutes, held over three weeks with some reading at home to support your transformation into a non smoker.

Fees £395 includes a book to support your transformation. Cash only payable at the end of the first session.

Ask about my referral programme to discover how to earn £25 for yourself.


I have a traumatic diagnosis (e.g. cancer). Can you help me?

Together we create a personal plan to help you and your loved ones face a traumatic diagnosis and deal with it. Including hypnotherapy, guided visualisation and cognitive training.

Fees for help dealing with a traumatic diagnosis £90 per hour. Payable weekly in advance.


What about help for children?

Blowaway™ is a gentle way for children to overcome fears and bad habits in 50 minutes. It’s essential for me to have a thorough free initial consultation with parents before meeting the child so that we can make the best choice for the child.

Fees for child hypnotherapy £90 per hour. Payable in advance.


Is Thrive available for older children and teenagers?

An adapted version of the Thrive Programme cognitive training programme is available. This helps children and teenagers to settle, confidently knowing what to do to overcome fears and worries. A parent is required to attend these sessions with the young person. This also helps parents to understand what’s going on so that they can help the child long term. It’s a bit like “buy one, get one free”!

Fees £90 per hour. Payable in advance. The young person will need a copy of Thrive for teenagers (£20) and parents will need a copy of the Thrive Programme (£25) to support your learning.


What about Parent Thrive Sessions?

For children, very often the best teachers are parents. We can have both parents learning to Thrive then teaching their children to Thrive. This is incredibly rewarding and empowering for both parents and children. Both parents attend together, experience the change for themselves and then decide, with my support if required, how to help their children to Thrive. This means that instead of relying on an hour a week with me, the parents are able to embed the learning into everyday situations at home for all of their children. These sessions are £100 per hour and generally last 90 minutes.

Can I overcome Childhood Trauma, Neglect or Poor Parenting with Inner Child Therapy?


Very often we can resolve childhood trauma from the conscious learning we get through The Thrive Programme. Sometimes however, we need to go deeper to release emotional learnings. Inner Child Therapy is a great way to do this. I use a very thorough programme which is completely adaptable to each individual client.

After the free initial consultation, if you choose Inner Child Therapy, we’ll go through a thorough assessment and I’ll be able to give you an idea of how many sessions we might need. As a minimum we’ll need a further 20 hours. We may need more. This will depend on the ‘processing time’ you need. Another variable is whether we need to address grief and anger issues after the main therapy. As an ethical therapist I’ll do everything I can to help you in as short a time as possible. Often we’ll have a break from therapy to enable you to ‘process’.

Sessions will be between 1 hour 50 minutes and 3 hours 50 minutes long depending on the stage of therapy we’re at.

We’ll also have up to 3 MOTs, about 3, 6, and 9 months after therapy. These allow us to check in on the change and ensure everything remains positive. Sometimes, the shift we’ve been able to achieve through therapy allows us to be confident enough to face a deeper issue and a few focused sessions will help us to do that. Other times it’s reassuring to check the change has been embedded and no further action is necessary.

Fees for Inner Child Therapy £90 per hour. Payable weekly in advance.


Do you do Presentations to Groups?

Sessions can be tailored to fit the time you have and the outcome you want to achieve.

Please call me to discuss options.


Appointments out of hours?

Appointments may be available outside normal office hours at an additional cost. Please ask for availability.

Normal session price plus £20 per hour


Financial support for Thrive training?

Reason Coffee Shop and Bookshop runs a support fund to help people go through the Thrive Programme when they cannot afford the course themselves. Please speak to Neal, to get details.

I have in the past offered the Thrive Programme training to some people free of charge. This arrangement was made with Watford Job Centre Plus. The Advisors’ reference number for this opportunity was WTF/33768.


Terms and conditions?


Cash or cheque only.


Please give 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend your appointment. Cancellations after this will be subject to full payment for hypnotherapy, training and coaching sessions, or a £25 fee for consultations.

You want to book a session or buy a book?

Arrange a free confidential consultation or book an appointment by calling 07717 410 910. Leave a confidential message on my answerphone. I will return your call as soon as possible. Alternatively, email me at: hello@taniaclarke.co.uk


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