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Build Confidence and Overcome Problems by Learning to Thrive in a Group Course

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Discomfort, unease, stress and misery can be overcome

Whether you’re an unsure teenager, suffering a midlife crisis or in your prime, this group course, held in Boxmoor, is for you, or someone you know if you/they want to change something about life, learning how in a group of like-minded people.

  • Have you stopped socialising?
  • Do you stop yourself saying what you really mean then think about what you “should have said” afterwards?
  • Are you itching to have a new adventure but can’t get yourself going?
  • Do You spend an excessive amount of time thinking about something uncomfortable or about a fear?
  • Is something affecting your health and day to day enjoyment of life?
  • Do you get anxious, paranoid or feel insecure when making decisions?
  • Are you feeling low or depressed?
  • Do you think that you are not important?
  • Would you like to feel different, take charge and enjoy your life?

Overcome Problems in Watford Enjoy Life Today

Overcome Problems and Enjoy Life Today

Life Can Be Different!

With this course, you’ll learn to free yourself from those chains:

  • communicate easily, clearly and effectively
  • build self confidence and self esteem
  • learn how to deal with health issues positively,
  • overcome an unwanted habit,
  • say goodbye to procrastination and lack of clarity,
  • stop being a wallflower or hiding in the corner afraid to join in,
  • get over the sadness, depression or the panic.

When and Where to Learn to Thrive!

The next Thrive Group Course will run on Monday evenings 7pm – 9.

At Fishery Wharf Cafe, Boxmoor, Hertforshire HP1 1NA

For 6 weeks from 4th Sept -9th Oct (incl)

Here’s what others’ said about The Thrive Programme: testimonials

How to join this Thrive Group Course

Please call me

  • to ask any questions you may have and
  • let me know you would like to join in or
  • to sponsor someone else to do the Thrive Group Course.

You’ll need to book an initial consultation 1:1 before the programme starts just to check this is the right course for you. Please note Tania’s opening times before calling.

Telephone to book on the Thrive Group Course
Phone Tania to book: 07717 410910
Email to book on the Thrive Group Course
Email Tania to book:
Licensed Thrive Consultant Watford

Cognitive Training to help you make the changes you need to achieve the life you want


Thrive to Achieve Health, Happiness and Success

How come some people can be happy, healthy and successful and others can’t, no matter what they do? The truth is, your ability to achieve all of these things is linked to your own personal psychology: the way you think about yourself and the way you think about your goals. And nobody ever taught you how to think before.

Many will make New Year’s resolutions, give something up in a determined effort at some point in the year to make a change in their lives. Often within a few months, those good intentions are long forgotten and people have given up on their life change. With health problems like depression and anxiety, pain and OCD, people often feel the only way is through the doctors, and that just doesn’t work for them so they feel powerless.

Many people want to learn how to thrive but until now, they’ve not known how, they want to learn alongside others, or they’ve not been able to afford 1:1 sessions. In that case, Thrive Group Courses are a brilliant solution.

Thrive Group Courses

Learn about the Mind Body connection on a Thrive Group Course

Learn about the Mind Body connection on a Thrive Group Course

Thrive is a liberating 6 week course to help you to recognise and change the things that keep you ‘stuck’. You learn to understand yourself, to see the full picture, not just parts of it and to manage your mind and body; so you can build resilience and more helpful behaviour; to feel happier, healthier, empowered and in control; to enjoy life.

Written by Rob Kelly, a psychotherapist with over 20 years’ experience, the course is delivered by Tania Clarke, a fully trained, experienced psychotherapist and Thrive Consultant since 2010. Her many happy clients relate their experience here.

You’ll need a commitment to the group in terms of time, energy and contribution. Attend all 6 weeks and do your homework to turn your life around.

What you will get from Thrive Group Courses

  1. An initial one to one consultation with Tania to make sure this is the right course for you
  2. A Thrive workbook
  3. Six two hour group sessions led by Tania
  4. Training in understanding yourself
  5. Strategies that you can practice to build the skills so you can Thrive

What do Thrive Group Courses involve?

People learning together in a Thrive Group Course

Enjoy learning together in a Thrive Group Course

The group sessions are great value at £350 per person for a total of 12 hours training (1:1 session cost £800 for 6 hours). It’ll be interactive and fun! You’ll be asked to complete some questionnaires and quizzes, do some reading in between sessions, put some effort into learning about yourself and practicing some new skills. We’d love to see you there.

Thrive is not a magic wand. You learn about the way your brain works and, as a result you learn how to use it to achieve what you want more easily and successfully. Don’t take our word for it, give it a go, just follow the programme and see what happens.

How to join this Thrive Group Course

Telephone to book on the Thrive Group Course
Phone Tania to book: 07717 410910
Email to book on the Thrive Group Course
Email Tania to book:


Here’s what those who attended previous Thrive Group Courses have said about them

Here’s Jean’s story:

To read Chris’s thoughts, recorded part way through the course on his own website, click here, here and here .

Joan (who came on the course at the age of 73) said: I found the sessions very useful and the enthusiasm that was shown & the confidence that this course would work for me was very comforting. I now am able to confide in my family and friends what I am going through. It was lovely to be able to confess fears and weaknesses without being judged, the practical sessions were very useful.

Debbi said: Once I got to know everyone I enjoyed the sessions very much – although I didn’t join in very much. Hearing how other people coped (or didn’t) helped me understand myself more. I’m more aware of what I do now, and why I think and react the way I do. I’ve spent all my life trying to deal with the difficulties I’ve experienced. It’s made a huge difference just to realise I have the power to control most of what happens to me! Thank you x

How do I pay?

Please make sure you can attend all 6 dates before you book. Then pay by cash or cheque at your initial consultation meeting.

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