Thriving Communities

People living in disadvantaged communities can feel like they’re powerless. Often community change programmes come along and have little long term impact or the impact is just not noticeable. I believe that’s because the initiatives don’t really help the people in the community to understand their own personal power, and the additional power they can have if they work together.

So let’s create Thriving Communities

As a Thrive Consultant, I help people to understand how they can influence their own life, their happiness and health and success, regardless of the council, the NHS, or other neighbours. This builds a strong foundation for them to move on, grow, develop and create the sort of life they dream about. Building an “internal locus of control”, internal self esteem and reducing social anxiety.

With lowered social anxiety, working together to create the sort of communities we want to live in is not only possible, it’s much easier.

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Often, having studied with me on a 1:1 basis, people will recommend me or Thrive to a family member or friend. When this happens, they start to get even more benefits. They can share their experience to get new ideas and encourage eachother day after day. Conversations are more honest and more open. It’s easier to get things done. People respect themselves and understand others much better so they can agree better solutions. When we can link up people who are Thriving, we can really Turbo-Boost the potential for change.

Training providers have long known this. Listen to the buzz of people leaving a training course all talking about how they’re going to implement their ideas. When they all go home to the same area or they maintain contact in some other way, they can keep that conversation going.

Businesses and governments have Internal Communications and management structures to help staff achieve their own work objectives more easily by working with others. Building this sort of improvement on a community level and keeping it going can be more of a challenge. This programme enables better community understanding and communication by helping individuals to feel confident enough to achieve what they want alongside others.

Benefits for Thriving Individuals

  • communicate easily, openly and effectively
  • overcome a fear or phobia,
  • build self confidence and self esteem,
  • deal with weight or overcome a habit like smoking,
  • say goodbye to procrastination and lack of clarity,
  • stop being a wallflower or hiding in the corner afraid to join in,
  • get over the sadness, depression or the panic
  • understand how other people tick.

Benefits for Thriving Communities

  • know your neighbours, who to call on for help, who lives just around the corner
  • fewer issues to resolve and it’s easier to resolve any that do arise
  • more action taken more quickly to resolve any issues
  • happier place to live
  • better environment to live in
  • lower council tax bill

Benefits for a Thriving UK

My RIDICULOUS dream is that when people understand their own power, we’ll reduce conflict and unfair competition, we’ll spread the wealth more evenly, we’ll have more self dependence and a smaller health/welfare bill, so that we need a smaller government, and lower spending on war, mistrust and uncertainty. We’ll create more of our own local businesses. We’ll know our neighbours better so we’ll use more local suppliers and reduce the monopolies of companies. I see this happen with my clients. I’ve experienced it myself. I want to share it to empower individuals, communities and the UK.

What’s it like working with me?

I often empathise with my clients’ sadness before enabling them to move into a more powerful mindset. Even more often I jump up & down with joy at my clients’ achievements. I’m practical and realistic and determined. I’m also someone with big ideas and huge belief in our ability to achieve our dreams if we keep focused and maintain a helpful perspective.

Who am I working with?

No man is an island and I work with some amazing partners to help create Thriving Communities

My MAD project is to empower communities in the UK, creating Thriving Communities. I’m working with various partners to make this a reality:
Sam, the leader of the Aspire Foundation, who has the vision to Make A Difference to 1 Billion Women and Girls by 2020
Neal, the owner of Reason Coffee Shop, a social enterprise that’s helping people connect with modern scientific understanding and
Chris, the leader of a nationwide community building organisation who wants to help build empowered communities regardless of political changes
Rob, the creator of The Thrive Programme, the basis of my Thriving Community Programme. Once we’ve done this locally, we’ll spread the learning to my Thrive Consultants colleagues linking them with my local colleagues’ networks so that we can do the same in other communities.

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