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There are always questions surrounding Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis and Thrive Training. Actually, it’s all about relaxing … and it can be fun.

Q? I don’t want to be under your control

That would be rather uncomfortable for us both. So how about we agree that won’t happen. More information about hypnosis.


Q? Is hypnosis real?

Hypnosis it a natural, relaxed state, a feeling like daydreaming, which lowers your conscious awareness and raises your subconscious awareness. Given the right conditions, hypnosis helps you to achieve what you want more easily. I put a lot of psychological understanding into my work to make sure I’m continuously offering the best solutions for you. I also work with my supervisor to make sure you get the best result in the most effective way. More information about hypnosis.


Q? Is it normal to feel awkward or embarrassed about seeking help?

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Absolutely – most people do! One of the hardest things can be just picking up the phone to make the initial booking. However, I see up to 25 clients a week which shows the popularity and effectiveness of hypnotherapy and the Thrive Programme.


Q? Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Any self development or personal change programme is a partnership between therapist and client. It’s the same with Positive Applied Hypnotherapy and the Thrive Programme. When you engages in the process and follow my clear and easy instructions, then we’ll get somewhere. I cannot offer any guarantees about the results because it’s not just about me. I don’t ‘do things’ to you – I enable you to find a path to achieve the changes you want in your life. That involves both of us.
With the Thrive Programme, I’ll help you to find your own motivation to change and show you the specific aspects of your thinking that are holding you back. If you don’t put the techniques I teach you into practice, they won’t work. A chisel won’t carve a sculpture on it’s own. You are your own sculptor, you need to pick up the chisel, and using the techniques I’ll help you learn, use the chisel until the sculpture’s finished.


Q? How Successful is Cognitive Processing and Integration?

Cognitive Processing and Integration is brilliant. But it’s not for everyone. During our initial consultation, we’ll discuss your needs and we’ll agree the best course of action for you. It is very important for me that all my clients are helped quickly and effectively so I always do my utmost to help each client resolve their problems.

Thrive programme training is even more successful for a wider range of symptoms.


Q? How much does it cost?

My session fees are explained clearly here. The real question is how motivated are you to achieve the change you’re looking for.

  • Cost is relative, value is subjective.
  • Affordability is a matter of how much you feel you’ll gain in exchange for your money. Alternatively, what will you save by achieving your change quickly and efficiently.

People often come to me when they’ve exhausted all other avenues and spent a lot of money elsewhere … which reminds me of the first ‘joke’ I learnt …

Q:  “Why do we always find something in the last place we look?”

A: “Because we stop looking when we find it.”

Well, I was a child when I read that in a book … and it stuck in my mind. It is relevant here though. Whether you’ve been looking for a solution for a while, or if you’ve just started looking … you’ve come to the right place, you can stop looking now. I’m dedicated to helping people achieve what they want to achieve.


Hypnotherapy Frequently Asked Questions WatfordQ? Can I get ‘stuck’ in hypnosis?

Not at all. You can come out of hypnosis any time – you’re in control. Tabloid reports of mass hypnosis going on whilst the hypnotist was absent are much more likely to be due to ‘groupthink’. This is the powerful group dynamic that means people start to think in a certain way because the people round them think that way. If a group of people believe they can’t come out of hypnosis without an instruction from the hypnotist, then they can’t. This type of group behaviour happens in work situations all the time – there it’s called a cultural norm. In politics, it’s really visible: all parties look at the same information and, because of their different core beliefs, (their groupthink) they interpret it completely differently.


Q? I’m sure you won’t be able to hypnotise me

We can all experience the relaxed state of hypnosis. In fact we do so quite often: just before we doze off to sleep or wake up; when we relax at the end of a yoga session; when we daydream. If you want to be hypnotised, if you are sober and can concentrate on my words, you can be hypnotised.


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Q? I’ve been hypnotised before; I didn’t feel any different

No wonder really. Hypnosis is just a lovely relaxing state, like a nice daydream. Research shows that it raises your levels of awareness so you’re conscious of your surroundings and aware of everything that is happening while you’re relaxed.


Q? How long is each session?

The initial consultation is about 45 minutes. Most therapy sessions are about 50 minutes. Suggestion therapy sessions range from 50 to 80 minutes.

Q? How many sessions will I need?

I chose these therapies as I think they’re the most effective and the most efficient. Many other psychological therapies have an ongoing nature. Many never really come to a conclusion, or need top-ups. Hypnotherapy and Thrive training take a relatively short time:

Cognitive Processing and Integration up to 6 weekly sessions.
Suggestion therapy 1 session per issue.
Thrive programme about weekly 6 sessions plus a follow up 6 weeks later

My goal is to work with you for the shortest time necessary for you to achieve your goal.


Q? I’ve seen those Paul McKenna and Derren Brown programmes, I don’t want you to hypnotise me to do any of that!

Watford Hypnotherapy Frequently Asked QuestionsThe people chosen to take part in those programmes are chosen carefully and the presenter watches body language very closely to pick the right people to make a good show. Even then, hypnosis cannot make anyone do anything they don’t want to do or reveal anything they don’t want to reveal. Although you are relaxed, you are still in complete control.

Research in the US found a student prepared to hit her boyfriend under hypnosis but not prepared to undress. She knew the teacher would stop her going too far with the violence but feared they’d let her undress completely.


I’m only interested in helping you to achieve what you want to achieve. There’s only you & me in the room (except when I’m helping children, then the parent(s) are present). I’ll help you make the changes you want.

More information about hypnosis.


If you still have questions, give me a call and arrange a free initial consultation. I’ll be happy to explain further.

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