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Hypnotherapy for Children and Young People in Watford is amazingly successful and very simple

Hypnotherapy for Children and young people or Thrive Cognitive Training can help them overcome their problems and enjoy a happy childhood

Children and young people have problems with trauma, abuse, anger, anxiety, bedwetting, behaviour, confidence, eating, depression, fears and phobias, weight, guilt, shyness

So maybe you’re between 7 and 15 years old? Perhaps you’re doing great in one part of your life but really finding something else difficult? Perhaps you just can’t do something no matter how hard you try and how much everyone else does to help?

I know it can be really difficult to talk about problems. What if, without having to say anything about the thing you’re worried about, you could learn a really easy way to help yourself? How about learning to use a special type of relaxing Hypnotherapy for children and young people? You don’t have to talk about the problem at all, it really is just like learning to put your socks on.

Your brain learns more quickly when you’re young than at any other time. You probably learned to feed yourself, walk and speak before you even went to school. A lot of what we pick up when we’re young, we learn as we’re having fun, playing. Play is a really easy way to learn new stuff. Sometimes we learn some really unhelpful things though. Maybe we learn how to do bedwetting, or we learn how to do fear or how to be shy.

“Learn how to do fear”, I bet you’re thinking “did she really say that?” Yep, I did. If you can do something, then somehow you learned how. You didn’t notice you were learning. And that’s GREAT news, because if you can learn how, then you can learn how to stop doing unhelpful things too.

Children and young people have powerful and imaginative minds. So they respond really positively and quickly when we help them to see things differently. That’s why hypnotherapy for children in Watford is so successful.

solve child problems watfordHypnotherapy is a really gentle treatment. It can be very helpful for nervous children, or children with many other problems that we may encounter as we grow up. Children and young people have problems with trauma, abuse, anger, anxiety, bedwetting, behaviour, confidence, exams, eating, depression, fears and phobias, weight, guilt, shyness etc. Hypnotherapy can help them get

At my Watford, Bushey and Redbourn Hypnotherapy Clinics  I see children and young people often for a single session of hypnotherapy called Blowaway Therapy™.  This allows a young person to use their imagination to help them overcome difficulties in a very gentle and hugely effective way.

Children under 16 come with a parent or guardian (usually the one the child ‘gets on with the most’). Parents are encouraged to join in the hypnotherapy for children session. Both parents can attend if you like.

Before a Blowaway, Hypnotherapy for children session, I’ll learn a little about a young person so that I can tailor the hypnotherapy specifically for them. I’ll do this on the phone or during a free initial consultation with a parent.

It’s important that children feel safe and relaxed in our session. I recommend that young children are invited to “come to listen to a story”. Older children could be invited to read this webpage so they have a good idea what they’re coming for. If your child wants to see me, that’s great, if not, give me a call, perhaps I can suggest other options.

Blowaway therapy for children

This single session hypnotherapy for children in Watford has been especially designed by experts to help children fix their problems. We use a little relaxation (that’s the hypnosis bit) to help us all calm down. Then we teach a way for the child to remove barriers to their development, so that the child will progress to be the best person they possibly can be.

Blowaway sessions are relaxed and fun. I talk mainly to the young person even though one or both parents/guardians will be present all the time. Later on, the parent(s) will be asked to actively join in. The child is encouraged to take a deep breath and ‘blow away’ any negative emotions or ‘bottled up’ feelings. This release of emotions gives a reduction in anxiety or stress and an increase in self-esteem and confidence. This way, without ever having to identify the source of the problem, young people are released from a huge range of difficult illnesses, memories, feelings and fears.

This single session therapy is often a fun, interesting, informal and very liberating experience for both parent and child!

Blowaway Hypnotherapy for children in Watford is suitable if they suffer from …

  • feeling unhappy; sad; lonely; upset; guilty; embarrassed; anxious or stressed
  • bed wetting (Enuresis) in young children and teenagers
  • thumb sucking or nail biting
  • anorexia nervosa and food control issues
  • bulimia, binging and binge eating
  • nightmares or night terrors
  • phobias or fears e.g. phobias of dogs or other animals
  • asthma or eczema
  • a lack of confidence or excessive blushing
  • performance anxieties e.g. on stage or in exams
  • attention or concentration problems
  • school pressures
  • problems with bullying
  • behavioural problems
  • hair/eyelash pulling
  • sleeping problems
  • depression
  • anger
The Blowaway technique, including hypnotherapy for children in Watford, usually only requires one session. Give me a call or drop me a line to arrange a free and informal chat, and let’s see if this therapy would be right for you and your family.

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