My advanced hypnotherapy training

My professional organisation, the IAEBP ensure I continue to deliver high quality, ethical training and therapy.

My professional organisation, the IAEBP ensure I continue to deliver high quality, ethical training and therapy.

The IAEBP provides probably the best hypnotherapy training available

As well as hypnotherapy training, the IAEBP has a code of ethics, which ensures that before I was eligible join the organisation:

  • I carried out ‘hands – on’ hypnotherapy training and reached an excellent standard of proficiency and experience
  • I passed the Successful Hypnotherapy Diploma Course (which is probably the most in-depth Analytical Hypnotherapy course that existed)
  • I completed my own Pure Hypnoanalysis.



In addition I have studied and passed the following courses:

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  • Changing Limiting Beliefs taught by Rob Kelly, the creator of the system
  • Advanced: Changing Limiting Beliefs taught by Rob Kelly
  • Stop Smoking Easily with the Rob Kelly Method
  • IAPH Summer Conference 2011
  • Advanced: Cancer f*** off and pain relief taught by Stevie Chan
  • The Secrets of Free Association taught by Rob Kelly
  • Relaxed Childbirth taught by Sue Wilson
  • Advanced: Treating Children and the Blowaway technique taught by Pattie Harland
  • IAPH Winter Conference 2011
  • IAPH Summer Conference 2012
  • IAPH Masterclass by Rob Kelly
  • Thrive (formerly Changing Limiting Beliefs) Masterclass taught by Rob Kelly
  • Advanced: Understanding and helping survivors of sexual abuse and rape taught by Rob Kelly
Thrive Consultant Watford. Learning from hypnotherapy training enabled development of this amazing course

Licenced Thrive Consultant

  • Thrive: a week long update and quality assurance of my practice with Rob Kelly
  • IAPH Winter Conference 2012
  • IAPH Conference 2013
  • IAPH Thrive for teenagers and people with Emetophobia
  • Thrive as a Non Smoker
  • Cognitive Processing and Integration
  • IAEBP Christmas Conference 2013
  • 2014 IAEBP learning day
  • 2014 Thrive update day
  • Hypnosis, Suggestion and Influence
  • 2014 Conference & Thrive seminar
  • Treating children
  • 2014 Thrive Christmas Conference

Plus from the London School of Clinical Hypnosis:

  • Treating Insomnia and Sleep Disorders
  • Working with Disordered Eating

From the School of Life:

  • Yoga for the Mind: Mindfulness to overcome stress, anxiety and depression.

With Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors

  • Working with Relational Trauma – Dealing with Disorganised Attachment
  • Living & working with Dissociation

Plus, as a school governor, I’ve also attended the following courses:

  • Induction for governors
  • Personal interview training for governors
  • Safeguarding children for school governors
  • Head’s Performance Management Cluster
  • Hertfordshire Governors’ Annual Conference
  • Governor Provurement
  • Being an Effective Chair
  • Effective Governor Visits

University of Bedfordshire

  • Innovative Management (CMI Level 5 Award in Leadership & Management)

With the General Medical Council

  • 2014 Associates Day

Steve Miller’s Hypnotherapists & Coaches Business School

  • Weight Loss Hypnosis Masterclass


  • 2009 Strategic You
  • 2014 Connected Leadership Event


  • Coaching certificate: Academy of Professional Coaching
  • Systems thinking in the Public Sector: Vanguard
  • Process Mapping and Analysis: Vanguard
  • British Lung Foundation Conference: Asthma and COPD
  • NLP4Kids taught by Gemma Bailey
  • Power to Achieve taught by Andy Harrington

As a volunteer at the 2012 Olympics, I’ve successfully passed the Safety Passport Alliance accreditation in health and safety practice.

Prior to my hypnotherapy career I was a successful senior change manager. Before choosing redundancy, I worked in the health and social care regulator CQC. I created partnerships between health and social care bodies at a national level. My qualifications and experience are in:

Business and change management 20 years experience plus education to MBA level
Education and training management successful design and delivery of training in group and 1:1 settings; specialising in quality assurance of postgraduate medical education and training

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