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Tania Clarke, a Thrive Consultant, Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist in Watford, Hertfordshire.

Tania lives on a boat in Hertfordshire

Challenge? Bring it on!


Hi, I’m Tania. I can honestly say that I love my life!

I don’t go to work, I help people to blossom and grow. I see people change from sad, timid or anxious to happy, confident and Thriving in just a few short weeks. I help people to easily achieve what they want, understand who they are and how to release the successful, happy people locked inside of themselves.

Home these days is my cosy boat on the Grand Union Canal. A bit unusual and it’s been a huge learning curve for me but I love a challenge because that’s an opportunity for me to grow and develop my skills and abilities in new areas.

I have lots of friends that I’ve kept from every stage of my life: childhood, school, college, work, and higher education. Now I love networking too and have strong links with my network friends

Link4Growth which is about building communities from the ground up and

Watford Weekly Business which is about local business people helping eachother by building friendships and partnerships.

Tania at her party with friends

Popular and just a little unusual!

Developing my interest in Psychology

My interest in how people behave started when I was at school. At first, I took it into work settings. I helped people to react to changes at work with less stress, or even to be happy giving their opinions and influencing the changes being made. I made learning new things easier for people. I created easy methods that help people achieve great results. I led major change in organisations improving customer service, giving better outcomes and reducing costs.

With the NHS Litigation Authority and the Care Quality Commission, I created national systems to ensure that care is provided safely, is continuously improved and fits the needs of patients, residents and carers.

Onto 25 years of experience, skill and study, I’ve added further study in psychology, hypnotherapy and Cognitive Processing and Integration.

Tania Clarke D.Hyp. MIAEBP. Thrive Consultant, Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist

Tania uses the Blowaway technique with children

The Blowaway technique is practised by IAEBP therapists.

You can be sure I’ll treat you with dignity and respect.

As a member of the IAEBP, I stick to a code of ethics and keep professional standards.

I guarantee complete confidentiality.

I hold an enhanced CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check – the same level as those working in close contact with children and vulnerable people. For more information see the Government Disclosure and Barring Service website
I am fully insured.

Please see the Advanced training page for details of my qualifications.

You can be sure, I’ll give you great care.

I make sure that my skills stay up to date, adding more training with my professional organisation, the IAEBP and other organisations. I share evidence of this to the IAEBP to ensure that I meet (and exceed) their standards.

Hypnotherapist Watford Bushey Redbourn Tania Clarke

The IAEBP was the first professional organisation in the UK to introduce compulsory clinical supervision for all of its members. This is not about having somebody watching over my shoulder. Supervision means that a professional and hugely experienced expert makes sure that I am providing the very best treatment for you.

I have regular meetings to discuss my work with my supervisor and make sure I give the best quality care to all clients. I never breach confidentiality; clients are never identified. My supervisor quality assures the care I provide. So I work efficiently and effectively. I discharge each client when it’s best for them.

What I can’t do?

I cannot treat people who are drunk or heavily drugged . I cannot treat people who can’t understand the therapy and their own role in achieving success. I can’t make you do something you don’t want to do or something that’s against your morals. For more information see About hypnotherapy.


Professor David Haslam

Having worked with Tania Clarke over several years in the Healthcare Commission and Care Quality Commission I have been extremely impressed by the quality of her work, her sensitivity and her commitment to improving people’s lives. I wish her every success in her hypnotherapy practice.

Professor David Haslam, CBE


Registered with Hypnotherapy Directory

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