About Hypnotherapy. What is Hypnosis?

People are sometimes a bit unsure about hypnotherapy. They may be excited by the idea of hypnosis. Sometimes, they want a few answers before they pick up the phone.

Hypnosis, used during hypnotherapy, is safe and natural. We’ve probably all experienced it:

  • as daydreams, or
  • when we meditate at the end of a yoga class, or
  • those times when we ‘zone out’ on a familiar journey.

These are examples of self hypnosis.

In hypnosis our subconscious keeps us safe.

Sometimes we realise we’ve been daydreaming on a familiar car journey. We ‘come to’ and wonder where we are for a second before realising everything’s OK. It’s the same when a hypnotherapist helps you to be hypnotised. Your subconscious will naturally keep you safe.

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Relaxed and enjoyable hypnotherapy sessions with a professional and successful therapist

Hypnosis is a pleasant relaxing experience that helps us to achieve what we’ve set out to achieve. Safe, in a comfortable room with me, using hypnosis, I can help you to achieve what you want.

Hypnotherapy evidence

Hypnosis therapy (or hypnotherapy) dates back to ancient times. These days hypnotherapy is recognised by modern medicine.

Modern research suggests that under hypnosis, we are fully awake and focusing attention in a concentrated way. We become less conscious of our external surroundings. Our subconscious keeps us safe. This focused attention increases our response to suggestions.

Today hypnosis is recognised as a useful and powerful healing technique. Hypnotherapy is supported by the NHS and the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) for example as a treatment for irritable bowel syndrome. (See paragraph of this guidance).

I use Applied Positive Hypnotherapy to help people make the changes they want in their lives. Many studies have been done into hypnosis and the therapies I use. I am committed to evidence based practice and will highlight relevant evidence for clients.

Achieve Health, Happiness, Success with Licenced Thrive Consultant Watford

Achieve Health, Happiness, Success with Licenced Thrive Consultant Watford

Also, the Thrive Programme, our powerful and unique psychological training course, is fully supported by recent research.
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