Personalised hypnotherapy and Thrive training plans

I provide a range of highly effective training and hypnotherapy methods. Together, we will choose the right one for you. Each will be adapted specifically for you:


Training to enable you to be better

Using a powerful cognitive training programme I will help you understand yourself, recognise your beliefs and the thinking habits you have. We will use this awareness to identify what your goals really are and how to achieve them. Be better from now onwards. Improve your health, success at work or sporting performance.


Clinical hypnotherapy for a quick fix

Great support for immediate behaviour changes – short term public speaking, exams, tests, phobias, nail biting or weight management. While in a relaxed state, I can help your subconscious mind stop you doing something you no longer need to do or enable you to do something you want to do more of.


Pure Hypnoanalysis for permanent change

This is a fantastic therapy. You and I can completely and permanently resolve the unconscious causes of anxiety, depression, persistent weight issues and eating disorders, phobias, confidence or self esteem issues or other emotional, psychological or behavioural habits. Most therapies treat the symptoms, this removes the causes. This is the most cost effective treatment I know of.


Children’s therapy using the blowaway technique

A gentle but amazing technique to help children and adolescents overcome problems. I hold an enhanced CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check – the same level as those working in close contact with children and vulnerable persons.


Specialist programmes are also available:

These programmes give you the immediate benefits of clinical hypnotherapy but underpin those benefits with the long term understanding delivered through training.

Contact Tania for Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and the most popular, The Thrive Programme psychological training.

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Free initial consultation

I know that you may have questions. I'll be happy to answer those questions for you.
Call or email to arrange a free initial consultation.
Our informal face to face chat is an opportunity to tell me a little more about you and what you want to achieve. It generally lasts about 45 minutes. This gives us a chance to meet each other and agree how we will work together.
There is no obligation and no fee.

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If I'm with a client, leave a confidential message on my answerphone or drop me an email.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.